Sunday, October 18, 2009

How do you heal?

The most common question I’m asked about healing is, how do I do it? I think the complete answer will become a book, because somewhere amongst the stories I’m able to share is the secret. I frequently tell everyone, “I’m in the business of I don’t know. I’m a story teller.”

The truth is I believe I do know, but I’m unable to prove it to satisfy or influence the health industry. I’ve snippets of information like post it notes, randomly placed within my mind. When I speak to my clients a gem emerges from the gravel, something important that assists with the healing.

Where is the blue print stored for embryo fetal development, and if it’s present at conception, although it appears to be invisible, does this blue print remain? I’d say yes. Seemingly from nowhere our complex bodies grow. If I think about this then the possibility for life is ever present. It exists now while I’m typing. If life is ever present then perfect health has to be present as well. It remains a possibility although it appears to be invisible.

Somewhere in a human cell the creation of a new healthy cell is present. Where, and what is it? The easy answer is that a vibration exists, the presence of light, the ebb and flow of something, or a measure of consciousness. Life is a symphony of vibration. Religion and science will always be in competition about the source of this mystery. There will never be a definitive explanation. We will never be happy with the source being nothing.

If you come to me because you have a sore knee, I know that the vibration is present for a healthy pain free joint. How do I manipulate or alter the vibration of the injury? I don’t know, and it’s not important. The first rule of healing is to have faith. Every rule after reads, look at first rule. You have to have faith in yourself.

I call this awareness, skipping stones. Many years ago a work mate and I had smoko at a creek. We started to throw stones, and he was able to get every stone to skip across the water. I was busy looking for the perfect shaped stone to throw and he was throwing everything: big, small, flat, chunky, and everything was skipping.

Now I could have thought he just had a great arm and was doing this all his life. It made no sense. Defying logic every stone skipped. That’s what I call a glimpse of human potential, and it’s in all of us. I could stand and watch, or throw stones. I threw those babies until my arm was aching, and I managed to skip a few.

This is how I heal. I walk up to the table over and over again. I see human potential. I see perfect health. I see you.

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