Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life and spirit

Everything we do and think remains in our energetic environment. Its present as consciousness, it’s in cellular memory, our DNA, everything our senses can record, and is, and is not, space, time, or matter. There’s no word or ideology that can adequately or accurately describe this process (?). It simply is, much like the address, ‘I am.’ We always want to understand it and if we do we run the risk of harnessing it. Will we use it for good? If history (habit) is the guide, I’d think not.

As a healer I see the presence of what has come before. I follow energetic threads into ancestral spirit and turn shadows into light. We’re alcoholics, depressed, unlucky in love, because for an unlimited number of generations this pattern has been repeated, over and over again.

The individual is healed because I heal the world. I chase the thread of energy/habit into the past. How I see it, or what I perceive it to be, is not important. I see and perceive because I’m the physical embodiment* of what is, the, I am. The part of us that records and desires the answer is the smallest particle (?) of all, and yet it is the creator and the created.

* We’re a vessel for unlimited potential and the physical part of us is the restrictive/reactive (the habit) part of us. Everything has an individual vibration and is also a singular vibration. The singular is nothing. Don’t try to name it, its not peace, bliss, consciousness, God, question, or answer. If enlightenment (pure and unqualified knowledge) can be recorded and experienced, then by definition it’s not enlightenment.

In my world spirit coexist with me. They’re present. There’s no them or us. I also believe as a singular vibration we’ve lived every life. I could say I’ve lived fifty past lives, but I’ve also been present for every life. The knowledge gained from those lifetimes is present now. It’s in my tea cup, the enamel on my teeth, this symbol @, consciousness, it is: here, there, where?

The problem with life is that we’re in a state of habit not evolution. Spirit is present to make us aware of that. The choices we make are already pre programmed. We don’t have free will, only the desire to be willing or not. We used up free will the first time a lie was told, we destroyed the gift when the tools for living where used to destroy. Unrecorded by history or science we lived in peace and harmony, and then fear turned us into warriors.

We’re at war—its habit.

We’re better than that. We always have been.

We’re creating the future now. The future is present, observing and evolving.

Look beyond the horizon. Do not place a ceiling on what you can achieve. I heal because I can. My goals are fleeting, growth rings on a tree, marking now not tomorrow. I’m able to heal not because I understand or need to know, but because I can.

Spirit/guides/angels are glimpses of what resides within us.

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