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Interview with Evita Ochel from Evolving Beings

Today I’d like to welcome Evita Ochel to my online home. Evita’s the proprietor (which sounds like she owns a pub (administrator)) of Evolving Beings. She’s young enough to be my daughter, and wise enough to be my Grandmother. How is this possible? inspires and awakens you to achieve and live a life based on balance, fulfilment, unconditional love, joy, passion, accountability, and peace with oneself and others. May the material you find here encourage you to grow consciously and spiritually, as you manifest the highest version of yourself.

Evita is passionate, courageous, and a role model for young women . . . and old dogs, and yes, I now bring the ball back.

What motivated you to create the Evolving Beings and Evolving Wellness sites, and what do you hope to achieve with the sites?

Evolving Beings and Evolving Wellness are a blend of my passions, and topics dearest to my heart. Good health has always been a priority in my life, but never to the degree that it has become when I learned to connect the dots on a biochemical, environmental, and psychological level.

Spiritual and metaphysical topics entered my life boldly when I began to go through major changes in my life and experienced what I would call a ‘spiritual awakening’. This awakened within me a whole new way of living, being and thinking. It changed my life greatly, but with the most desirable results.

I felt like I awoke from a deep sleep, up to which point I was only seeing a tiny part of the whole story. I achieved an internal peace and happiness like I never thought possible and I was bursting at the seams to share this with others. From this awakening and passion was born and then a couple months later

There is no set agenda to achieve through the sites, other than to share my knowledge and be of service to anyone who is looking to feel, see, and live the bigger picture of life. We don’t have to be victims to disease, our circumstances, or other people. Suffering need not be a normal part of life. My intention is that whoever comes across the sites benefits in some way, such as awakens a little more, heals a little deeper, embraces their being more authentically, and lives life from a more fully conscious state of being.

If you had the opportunity to talk to anyone, alive or dead, who would you choose, and what would you ask them? And would you cook dinner or order take-out?

I never gave too much of my attention to history, so I do not know many historical figures as well as I could, especially to the point of having something of significance to ask them.

I am most drawn to Sages, Mystics, Healers, and Shamans to have fascinating discussions with and questions for. And as much as I can think of a few such beings alive and deceased, for whom I could have many questions, I will choose the currently living Thomas Campbell - author of My Big Toe.

Even though I have attended one of his conferences and had a chance even to ask him a few questions already, the potential of this being is incredible and I would love to learn more! Thus, I would love to have a one-on-one where I could ask him to teach me how I can better connect to access multiple realities and altered states of being through the expansion of my consciousness.

And I would definitely cook. There aren’t many places in our society that focus on providing natural and wholesome food, which I am comfortable putting into my body for new cell growth and renewal. And I cannot offer anything to my guest that I would not put into my own body :)

If you had ten minutes to talk to the UN what would you say?

Once I start on a topic that I am passionate about, I can be a bit of a talker, so I don’t know if ten minutes would be enough, but I also know the value of keeping things to the point. So here would be the foundation of the message I would share:

"We have lived in separation from ourselves, each other and God for long enough. We have seen the results and the consequences of living from this divided place, in the state of our health, economies, political turmoil, world peace, and general happiness. We can continue down a well treaded path, that has the same negative results for us over and over again, or we can awaken and embrace new solutions today. We do not need to wait to implement changes over many years. We do not need to think of what is best for the economy first. We need to consider what is best for the well being of all first and that of our Earth and act now. If we act from our heart, and for the highest good of all, change can happen instantly and it can finally reflect what is best for the dignity of each human being.

"United to me, means we come together. We come together in heart and mind, to focus on the similarities between us, not the differences. We can continue to see rich vs poor, developed vs underdeveloped, and war vs peace. Or we can come together once and for all, and drop the illusions of the world of duality, the separations and the hierarchies. We can stop pretending and playing games, and shine the truth that is within each one of us. We are love and love can heal us individually and collectively.

"Change can happen today. If we are all together and united as one, we can make Heaven on Earth today. It is a choice we have always had, and up to this point, one we did not choose openly. Let’s us therefore step back from the old ways, step into a new light and try something new - a path of love that can bring true peace to all."

I notice that you have a passion for nature photography. What two locations in the world would you like to take photos, and why?

My first dream location would be underwater in the oceans, most notable in the coral reefs of Australia or other tropical locations. I have never done professional underwater photography, but I am fascinated by the underwater world. I love swimming - it reminds me of flying, which I have done many times in my dreams, and being a part of that world to the point of documenting it would be a treasured honor. There is so much we do not know, understand or respect about the underwater world, and I would love to bring awareness to its beauty, to ignite within people a love for all the amazing creatures there, and how our habits impact their lives. I am therefore very grateful for all those beings that are doing that already.

And seeing that macro photography is my most favorite type of photography, my second location in the world that I would love to take photos at would be the luscious rainforests of South America. I love taking photos of insects, moss, plants, flowers, rain drops and all other parts of the micro world that we so often miss and neglect in our busy lives. There are signs of God everywhere. The incredible creations that we see all around us I believe, serve to remind us of the beauty of this planet, and ourselves.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up, and if you could talk to your (any age) self, what would you say?

I do not remember or recall a predominant career that I intently focused on or wanted to be when I was little. It wasn’t until my high school years that I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist, but that was more due to outside influences and practical options.

What I remember being fascinated with when I was little was organization. Store shelves fascinated me as a little girl, and I felt I had so much help to offer and could make life so much easier just by organizing it! To this day, the clothes in my closet are organized by type and/or color. It has nothing to do with being obsessive, it just makes my life easier and more efficient, as I always know where everything is.

I also know that from an early age, I said I would never be a teacher, and ultimately I became a teacher. It is a designation that I highly respect today and wouldn’t change for anything!

I would love to talk to myself when I was about 12 or 13. This is when I became much more of aware of the world and how painful life could be. I would thus tell myself the following:

"No matter what others say, do or think, they can never cause you any pain, unless you allow it into your experience. Others are often carrying their own pain, and the pain of generations past. Look beyond their unconscious actions and do not take them personally.

"Your thoughts are the most powerful creation tools you have. Use your inner guidance system, if something doesn’t feel good or ‘right’, don’t do it - not for anyone or anything else. You are the creator of your reality, and you can make it how you like, by what you choose to think and focus on. Therefore, focus on love, focus on wholeness, and focus on being the authentic you.

"You are always connected to your inner being, and have help all around you in many forms. Open yourself up to the spiritual side of yourself, and learn to balance it with the physical. Reclaim the complete you.

"Enjoy your imagination, and never feel that there is anything wrong with it. Stick to your standards and goals always, for you can have what you dream of - every little bit of it. Life is as beautiful as you choose to make it. Balance your mind and your heart, logic isn’t always the best way to go. Follow your heart and your intuition. Enjoy life and don’t take things so seriously ;)"

Thank you, Simon, for taking the time to share a bit more about me here on your site. I enjoyed it very much and am grateful to you for asking :)

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