Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simon Hay Healer Interview & The Bold Life

I’ve been interviewed by this incredible person (taken from her website):

Tess Marshall is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, speaker, author, workshop and retreat leader, spiritually-based, fear shattering, calculated risk taker, obsessed with being happy, courageous and bold, witty, big-hearted, loving, passionate, runner, world traveler, and ADHD hyper human being. Her life experiences and work as a counselor and coach combined with her intuition and has led to great wisdom. She shares it openly with you.

The Bold Life is a delicious and juicy mix of inspiration, spirituality and personal development.

Interview with Simon Hay Tess, thank you, and readers, Tess has beautiful eyes; you can swim in those babies.

This is the most detailed interview I’ve given so far, and it’s filled with information about my work and my life.

In other news, some online friends are coordinating to organise a speaking/healing tour in the USA (North East (?)). If you’re interested, or know someone who is, please, email me. I’d be grateful for all online support.

I’m also featured here today: Unfolding Your Path to Joy’s Blog. Joy is a wonderfully generous person, and I’ve been a guest on her blog before Joy, thank you for having me again. Joy lives on a yacht, so take your sea legs!

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