Monday, 20 September 2010

Angels Use Social Media Too

If you have faith then anything is possible. An act of kindness can heal, and if you’re observant you’ll know who needs a moment of your time. Julie needed an angel, so I asked for one.

I’d like to thank Julie for sharing her story. She’s a beautiful #globalneighbour and I’m grateful for her generosity.


Those who know me well understand that I feel the worlds of Nature, humanity, and Spirit as deeply intertwined, and, given that, they wouldn’t be a bit surprised at the experience I shared with Simon.

One day, Simon and I were on Twitter at the same time. He sent me a tweet, asking if I was okay. I wasn’t a bit surprised at his question, even though I’ve never mentioned to anyone my ongoing struggles with some long-held personal issues. I’ve had my own experiences with other forms of communication, so I understood: He just knew. Eagerly, I accepted his offer of help!

Through tweets, we arranged that I’d find a quiet place to lie down and he’d “be there.” He said I’d feel warmth, his hand on my shoulder. Without any hesitation, I did as instructed. For about 10 minutes, I laid quietly, without thinking a thought, just being. After quite a while, I felt some sensations then very clearly heard, “He’s done.” I went back to the computer to send my gratitude.

Some days afterward, Simon suggested another virtual meeting.

I’m clairvoyant, and during the second session with Simon, I saw a man on his knees in front of a woman, and he was thanking her—and she him. Then a man and woman met with a high-five, then twirled in a big bear hug. What joy! The last scene was the man and woman sitting quietly side-by-side on an empty beach, arms around knees and gazing at the sun starting to set over a golden-orange ocean. They chatted.

In our Twitter exchange, afterward, Simon confirmed my vision, saying: “You're welcome. I felt you in my arms, smelt your hair, kissed your neck, and felt a big release of holding on to the past. Big sighs. We talked.” And then, “You'll feel the healing continue. Angels are with you.”

Days later, I wrote Simon a heartfelt e-mail message, because I’d been on cloud nine and was experiencing equal amounts of joy and gratitude. I share my note to him with you so you can witness even more of my experience, what happened after our sessions:

Simon! [grinning from ear to ear]

Thank you so much for the warm hand on my shoulder. You worked a miracle! I know, I know. On some level, I really worked it, but you facilitated it, made it happen. And, oh I so needed it…

In those 10 minutes that flew by in a flash, I felt a kind of tingle on my right shoulder and then a sharper pointed pressure on the top of my left foot. That one came and went a couple times. Then, afterward, I just felt, well, good. Clean, in a spiritual sense.

The truly amazing part came a couple days later when I was sitting at my desk. Sitting quietly, opening myself to a kind of meditation, I suddenly felt a thick box-shaped darkness sitting heavy in the area of my abdomen, and just as suddenly as I noticed it, it slid downward to my left and right on out of my body. !! Then, I felt weightless, light and free. Omygosh, Simon, you can’t know… You triggered that, I know, so thank you!

And all the goodness continued. A couple days after the “box” episode, I started having revelation after revelation, one insight after another, blinding in clarity… And I’ve worked and waited for these answers for 20 years.

Now it’s all become blindingly clear, and it’s so very simple. I feel as if an enormous darkness has lifted. I feel like I’m glowing. I feel like me, again! Fully me. I was always here, but now I’m really here, if that makes sense.

So thank you. Thank you for whatever inspired you to suggest those moments together, for reaching out with your heart. You have worked wonders!

Love love love xoxox

He was right: The angels were with me. And so they are. They are with you, too! And so is Simon, if you allow him.

One last thing: Nothing special is required of you to experience your own healings. No special beliefs, no previous experience, nothing at all. Especially nothing: just an open mind and a willingness to receive all the goodness that Love is, all the goodness that Simon can flow into you. For that’s what healing is, a giving of Love where there is a need.

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