Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Video Interview with Evita from Evolving Beings

The audio interview Posted on Evolving Beings received lots of comments and reader’s questions. Evita interviewed me again and the video has been posted.

I’d like you all to meet Augustine, he helps me write, and believes he’s the boss. I moved him off my computer chair and put him on the other one. He was not happy, stomped on my keyboard, and muscled his way into my space.
“I’m watching you man-slave, and as soon as you move I’m getting that chair!”
I went downstairs to do a healing and I heard the darkest-knight pounce onto the floor. And this is where I found him when I returned. See the beady one eyed stare? I sat on the old uncomfortable chair.

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  1. Oh, you have a long-haired basement kitten! (Sorry, I read way too many LOL Cats.) I have two short-haired ones - want to trade?

  2. I have a white cat just like Augustine. Special little creatures :)

  3. Hi Simon .. Augustine certainly rules the roost - love the story .. they always want to be with you .. great slinky face in the first picture .. enjoy the four legged one .. Hilary