Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Guest Post on Evolving Beings & Other Stuff

I’ve another article on Evolving Beings — Man-made Not Spirit-made.

The 100 healings will end tomorrow, it’s been exciting, and, surprisingly, exhausting. I’d not expected to be this fatigued, and the sessions have interrupted blog posts and writing. Once I gather my thoughts I’ll write a detailed post about the experience.

I’m flying to Rochester this coming Wednesday, the 20th, and I’ll not be online until the 29th. I’m having a break from the internet and writing while I’m away.

Last night I cried watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. What the bloody hell is going on?

This story, Stroke of Genius, on Sunday Night also made me cry. This is how the mother describes healing, “hope, belief, and love.” I think you can view the video after the show has aired.

I’m going to put my spider man pyjamas on now and watch something that won’t make me cry, maybe.
During the Commonwealth Games I’ve been training my dogs. “Okay, this is what I want. When you hear the Australian national anthem I want you to both play dead, synchronised legs in the air.”
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  1. haha simon nice pictures.
    try and be a big boy :L hahaa!

  2. Simon,
    I just had my laugh for the evening. Love your tears, the dogs and spiderman pj's. Hey don't worry about your energy the miracles that have come through you will reenergize the world and will come back at you full speed!Cheers to NY xo

  3. Thank you for sharing your energy with me...Enjoy Rochester...and the break

  4. Thank you for the laugh- love the dogs. Yes I had tears when i watched Stroke of Genius- thanks for sharing.

    Sounds like 100 days of healing has been a healing for you too. Thanks for you and your spirit

    Have wonderful trip

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for commenting. I'll catch up with you in ten days. Rochester, here I come!

  6. Hi Simon .. it just lost my comment ..

    I'm sure you came over to my mother .. as I posted on my blog .. and certainly she remembered ..

    Enjoy the time away with time to reflect .. and have fun meeting everyone .. it will be great .. just sharing your energies .. and meeting like-minded souls ..

    Look forward to seeing you in ten days or so .. many thanks - much appreciated .. Hilary

  7. Love the spidey jams and the dogs :)

  8. The pups rock! The one on the right looks like you!
    Cheers Simon,Enjoy USA. Peace out brother.

  9. Hi Simon.... we are missing you but we know we will see you soon again :) Plus we always have you in Spirit!

    So awesome to have a chance to see your dogs! They are adorable, both upright and playing dead, LOL....

    Here is another wish for an amazing birthday!!!!! To health, love and life - today and always!