Monday, 29 November 2010

Happy Birthday, Boo!

Exciting weekend! My daughter turned nine, which makes me wonder where the time has gone. She’s beautiful, gentle, and has a kind heart. We went to Australia Zoo for the morning and brought lunch on the way home. Happy birthday, baby!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun, Simon!!! (well...except for the snake!!)

    Happy Birthday to your brand new nine year old! What a sweetheart you have...

  2. Happy Birthday to Lily!!!!

    Oh Simon she is so beautiful, and I see so much of you in her, especially that second photo, whoa, that girl is lucky to have you as a Dad, as you are so lucky to have her as a daughter in this lifetime.

    And what is it about Australian mammals and why they make me want to cry?? Did you know that the Koala was my most favorite animal when I was a little girl - like I am talking a passionate love relationship and I have never seen one (to this day in real life). I just feel them and have some bond to them.... ah who am I kidding, I have a special bond to every animal, even that snake in the last photo is such a gorgeous creature. And as I opened myself to the beauty and divine perfection of every creature, and sensed their being, any and all fears went out the window. Today, I would love to be in the presence, even holding or touching any part of nature, that willfully wants to be touched.

    So beautiful of you to share this all - thank you and I am so glad you guys all had such a nice time :)

  3. Thanks, Lance!

    Evita, I had a koala as well as a teddy-bear when I was a kid. The koala was my favourite!

  4. She is a beautiful soul, Simon! What a great day and one I am sure she will always remember. Thank you for sharing her day with us :)