Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Evolving Beings Article: The Unimportance of Past Lives

I’ve an article at—The Unimportance of Past Lives

During a healing my clients often see dream-like images of past lives. It’s common for them to tell me that they’ve viewed and shared a past life with me, and I believe that’s true, but I also know that if I was able to heal the earth’s population they’d all tell me the same thing.

It’s true that I recall and have flashes of memory about the disciple Judas’ life clearer than this lifetime, but I’ve also lived every lifetime. The collective knowledge of every citizen of the earth, past and present, is available to us all.

As you become more mindful, peaceful, and in harmony with life and the earth, the more past lives you’ll attract. I say attract because it’s the signal that our mind-body fields are transmitting or vibrating at, that creates the synergy to view past lives.

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  1. When I became more mindful, peaceful, and in harmony with life, a whole new world opened right in front of me. It's amazing what you can attract if you allow it. Are the flashes of memory about a past life a spirit sharing their memory?

  2. Hi Lisa. Spirit's memory? Yes I think so, but I believe the memory is always accessible and doesn't need to be shared. The spirit doesn't need to be with us.

  3. Very interesting article, Simon. I've always been fascinated with the notion of past lives and how that might be related to the concept of Whole Being -- that each soul contains the memory of all beings, so the number of "past lives" an individual might "remember" is staggering.