Friday, 1 April 2011

Speaking Event in Burlington Ontario & CWSS Episode 16

I'm in Ontario with Evita Ochel from I'm looking over an ice covered lake and watching red squirrels feeding and playing on the deck – funny dudes!

I've a speaking event in Burlington Ontario Saturday April 2. Follow the link for details. I'm also taking bookings for healing's, if you miss out on a spot, having a distant healing is just as effective and is sometimes a more powerful experience.

There is also a new CWSS episode posted for your viewing pleasure: How We Can Use Nature to Connect With Spirit
 My view for the past four days! Thank you Evita and Markus.

I'm not in Australia!

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  1. Hi Simon!
    Indeed you are not in Australia! I hope you all had a most wonderful time together! Good scenery, Good company (human and animal), what more can you ask for?


  2. You are *so not* in Australia!
    Love the photos, love the energy emanating, love the idea of the three of you together living this experience!

  3. Lovely photos. Appears that you have having a wonderful trip. Next year -- western US!