Monday, 12 September 2011

Evolving Beings Article - The Universal Healing Gift of Love

It surprises me that the emotion we need to heal is also the emotion that causes us so much pain. Our relationships seem to be increasingly materialistic and political – the politics of morality and conformity. My work with spirit has given me a glimpse into our past, and I've seen peoples of all ethnicity and nations living peacefully: communities raising children, powerful hunters and warriors with gentle hands and gestures, the elderly respected and assisted into the world of spirit, lovers without jealousy, and love without rules.

All souls communicate to each other, and this is the most common dialogue, “I love you,” and the response, “I love you too.” Yet, the majority of clients I see are vibrating at, I hate myself, and, don't hurt me. When did we stop loving ourselves and each other?

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  1. Lovely article, just what I needed to read today. Thankyou.

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