Wednesday, 16 November 2011

EB Article - We Are More Powerful Than We Believe

We are more powerful than we believe.
We’re super heroes, X-Men, and our super power is consciousness. We affect our environment, our family’s lives, the Earth’s population, and future generations. We can manipulate the weather, nature, inanimate objects, and living cells. We’re time travellers, silver surfers, Gods!
We’re so busy trying to control our minds we’ve forgotten that we were once masters of our minds. Before I speak and move to embrace you, my mind is sending you a message, “I love you.” We’re each the centre of the same universe.
We can only love when we have found the truth within us. We can only be great when we simply be us. It’s not enough to emulate or to follow others. Lead. Be a creator, not the created. We’re not separate from God or greatness, we are, I am (insert your name).
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  1. This was a wonderful post, Simon. Our potential is great. I'm learning more about this every day.

  2. Hi Patricia, & thank you! I hope your holiday season was filled with love.