Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Archived EB Article: A Conversation About Being Happy

For those wishing to work with spirit, to communicate with consciousness, this conversation may be of some help. With my guide’s patience and persistence—two traits that are commendable for every endeavour—I’ve learned that communicating with spirit is not what I believed. Often we’re mimicking, by default, the experiences of our ancestors and peers.
Globally, writers share creative ideas simultaneously, and this is an example of how we’re all connected. Working with spirit is similar. When you meditate with spirit you’re using the vibration and path that everyone in the past has used.
Spirit has taught me to put everything I think I know about spirit aside, and make every experience a new one. Become a creating force, rather than the created. I endeavour to do this every healing, every day. Sometimes I’m successful.
It’s important not to follow me, but to perhaps assimilate my experiences into your life and lead. Spirit’s voice is italicized.

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