Wednesday, 22 November 2017

100 Free Distant Group Healing

I’ve done this twice before leading up to and over the Christmas break. I decided to do this for the first time after a conversation with my spirit guide, Gegu. I asked Gegu how many people could I effectively heal at once and he replied as many as you like. If you’re not told you can’t do something, or you can’t do it your way or a new way, you can accomplish anything.
The following ten days (I did ten that first time) of healings exhausted me, but I learned a lot and participants reported positive health outcomes. The following year I did five days.
If you’d like to participate in this, email your name, your illness, injury, symptoms, and a recent photo of yourself or the person you’re nominating to Write 100 healings in the subject line. Please, and just that. Not your life's story, the history of your illness/injury or ask for a reading. I read my own emails and I need time to eat, sleep and chase emus.
I’m prepared to do more than 100, but will use the #100healings hashtag on social media. Other than confirming I have received your email I won’t be providing any feedback. Also, as I’m busy, be patient I will reply.
On Sunday 17th December to Thursday 21st December at 9 am AEST and 9 pm AEST I will sit and do a distant healing for everyone on the list. I’ve chosen these times to give people in other time zones options to relax and recline at those times. Don’t worry if you can’t lie or sit down at those times the healing will still reach you.
Please visit my website and read all the material there, particularly the healing responses page, the distant healing page (find testimonial there and here) and the disclaimer. This is important, please read all the information there. I don’t know what the outcome of any healing will be, I don’t know if I can help you, but from past experience the chances of a positive health outcome are pretty good.
After the healing you may experience any, all, none or something I’ve not encountered before on the healing responses page. Drink lots of water after the healings. If you experience pain relief, take it easy over the next few days and let your body fully heal. If you experience the depressed response I describe on my website, think about me or look at a photo of me and ask for further healing. This has helped many clients in the past. See this post for an example of that.
Love and healing, Simon

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