Saturday, 3 February 2018

100 Healings Group Distant Healings For The Price of a Coffee & Muffin

Read this post in its entirety and follow the instructions. I will not be doing readings or providing feedback.

I’ll be doing another group distant healing on Monday 26th February at 10:30 am and at 9:00 pm AEST (Australian Eastern standard time) and on Tuesday 27th February at 1:30 pm and 9:00 pm AEST. The healings will run for 45 minutes.  

Visit Time Zone Converter to calculate your time.

To participate in this healing offer:
  • Visit The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, make a $10 donation and attach a screenshot of your receipt to your email.
  • Attach a recent photo of only you to your email.
  • Email (only) your name, illness, injury and a concise list of your symptoms (not the history of your life or health condition).
  • Email and write 100 healings in the subject line.
  • Visit my website and subscribe to my email newsletter. 
  •  Lie down or relax at the designated times.
Visit my website and read all the material there, particularly the healing responses page, the distant healing page and the disclaimer.

After the healing you may experience any, all, none or something I’ve not encountered before on the healing responses page. If you experience the depressed response I describe on my website, think about me or look at a photo of me and ask for further healing. This has helped many clients in the past. See this blog post for an example of that.
I do this group healing at multiple times to allow participants to have follow up sessions. It’s common for some people to experience uncomfortable healing responses as my work releases past and generational trauma. For others, positive health responses lag or retreat and another healing improves final outcomes. I’ve been successful many times with just one session, but by offering multiple healing times I’m attempting to help as many people as possible.
If you don’t feel anything during the session, don’t lose hope or think nothing is occurring. Some clients, other than feeling peaceful or curious, don’t feel any sensation, but still have an immediate or gradual health improvement. 
On social media I’ll be using the #100Healings hashtag to advertise this offer, but I’m anticipating having more than 100 people on the list. I’ve not set a limit.
To be transparent, I’m not able to help everybody, but the percentage of positive outcomes is high. 
For clients who have experienced positive outcomes previously, this is a great opportunity to recharge and further improve health.
Take responsibility for your health and continuing health. Re diet and lifestyle, make healthy choices. 
I respect your long-term illness or pain and I pause before I state this, but I’ve noted that obsessive desperate behaviours limit health changes. From almost two decades of experience, I’ve noted that dramatic needy pushy people have the least response to energy healing. Be grateful, humble and relaxed. Participate without expectation and see what unfolds.

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