Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Illusion of Free Will and Control

This is the introduction and link to another guest post at Evolving Beings. I'm a regular author on this site.
Lance left this comment on my previous post:

“ … I like to think that we are healing beings, even if we’re not always seeing that, just being open to it, and even if we don’t see that healing is taking place, perhaps it’s still happening, just not as we had pictured it.”

I think it’s fair to surmise that everyone has experienced disappointment, and these moments can, if we let them, erode self-confidence and self-worth. The outcome is often never what we imagined it to be. Why?

I believe it’s because we can’t control the universe, the infinite presence of known objects and phenomena. The key here is known, or the perception of knowing. The outcome of an event is created, not forced. We can become the flow of synchronicity, the force, that creates, but we should never be the enforcer.

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