Friday, 25 June 2010

Guest post: Believe Without Evidence

I’m excited to have another guest post on Evolving Beings. Evita, thank you.

Believe Without Evidence

I’m asked all the time about how I heal, and if you read enough of my articles you’ll notice I use this opening sentence often. The truth is that I don’t know. I’m a story teller, and I’ve a life long movie pass to the sitcom, Simon’s World. The main character has too much body hair to be a bonds model and not enough to be George Clooney, but the unpredictability of watching a live show is entertaining.

Working with spirit is a major factor in my ability to heal: they have been my teachers, mentors, friends, and greatest supporters. “We love you, my son.” Thank you. The most common phrase I hear from spirit is this, “You’re not in control.” I’ve no control over: who comes to see me, the process of healing, the outcome, life. This is both terrifying and liberating.

If I’m not in control then what is?

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  1. You and the work you do are fascinating. I don't understand it, but your posts help in explaining it, bit by bit.

  2. Simon,
    Do you think you could put an RSS feed here so I don't have to come seek you out? Or is it here and I don't see it?

  3. Hi Helen, I'm not sure I always understand my work either.

    Tess, I've sorted that out. I have one on my toolbar. Thanks for visiting, Simon.