Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mother Teresa's Kung Fu is Strong!

I’ve had another fantastic trip down the Gold Coast healing, and I’d like to thank all my wonderful clients for sharing their healing experience with me. I’d also like to thank the Helensvale Circle of Light church for having me as a guest speaker. I had a blast!

I keep my work with spirit as real as I can. I refrain from being alternative or new-age, and, besides Jesus and His family, celebrity spirits rarely visit. I don’t encourage anyone to try to contact anyone famous; leave them in peace. Life is filled with beautiful and interesting people, and the wisest teachers are often the most silent.

If someone famous does visit I usually keep it to myself, and it remains a private moment. The conversations are short and I never ask questions about their lives, but I’d like to share three visits this weekend that surprised me.

Mother Teresa placed her hands over mine during a healing and then reminded me to be mindful of my emotions. Her intensity surprised me. She’s a feisty old broad. After my dressing down, she smiled and told me I was doing wonderful work. Place a big sigh here.

In the same healing I looked up and Bruce Lee was smiling at me. I asked him why he was here. “We all know about you, and I was curious to meet you.” Oh. He smiled, stayed for a while, and wished me well when he left.

Yesterday I was writing a guest post for Evolving Beings and Theodore Roosevelt was standing beside me. He’s a funny friendly guy, but boy he’s passionate about changing the world. He’s very direct and tells it how it is.

I’m not sure why these spirits have chosen to visit now, and I want everyone to know that this doesn’t mean I’m an exceptional medium. I can have days where all the connections I make with spirit are jumbled and sometimes wrong. I don’t mind being wrong. I admire mediums who get names and dates accurately because I struggle with that information. I describe characteristics, personality, and memories.

I hope everyone’s well. If someone you know needs healing, leave their name in a comment and I’ll think about them when I meditate. Talk soon, Simon.
Te Waimate Mission, North Island, New Zealand. I love the lichen covered picket fence.

St Michaels Anglican Church, North Island New Zealand

Amazing old graves. This church is in a farm paddock. The rock wall surrounding the site was built almost two hundred years ago. Shivers!

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  1. The pictures with your post have such a relaxing quality to them. Your talks must be fascinating! I love reading your posts and how you are just so matter of fact about these amazing experiences.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I never thought about the lure of an old cemetery until I was in Norway and able to visit the graves of a couple of ancestors. It's a calming and thoughtful place to think about our stay here on earth and why we're living these particular lives.

  3. Please think of Evan Flower when you meditate.

  4. CLA, I will do that. Love and healing, Simon.

  5. the wisest teachers are often the most silent.

    Says it all!

    And me I'm leaving my name Tess Marshall for your thoughts and meditation. Grateful...xo

  6. Tess Marshall, you're in my thoughts. Love and healing. I send healing to all the names that are left, and spirit prompts me to again when I'm healing with clients. God Bless.