Friday, 23 July 2010

Evolving Beings: The Two Most Powerful Words to Create Change

I’ve another guest post at Evolving Beings. Parts of the story are about passing spirits into the light. I’m always cautious sharing these experiences because of the physicality of my experience; it’s very real for me, but it’s also potentially harmful to the integrity of my healing work. I choose to be brave, and it’s these experiences that have enabled me to be a healer.

I’d also like to share that I had a jaguar in my home last night. I heard the padding of its paws on the floorboards first, and then a low growl. When you can feel warm breath on your arm it’s easy to believe that this is real. The jaguar rubbed its face against me and then flopped down beside me.

Talk soon, Simon.

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  1. My first thought was, Simon, what are you doing leaving a door open at night!? Then I realized what you were saying. And I thought, cool.

  2. I really enjoyed your post over at Evolving Beings, Simon. I'm glad you're writing about your experiences. Each one of us has distinct perceptions and feelings and I love to hear about them. All of them. It's our humanity, it's who we are.

    Hey, awesome about the jaguar. You two are both cool cats!

  3. You are developing your own Peaceable Kingdom, my friend ... how marvelous!

    Hey I replied to your invite/comment on my last post. Will contact you for sure, I'm planninga big virtual book tour this October - care to host a stop?

    Oh - my email is


    The Old Silly

  4. Like Helen, I read words literally for just a moment before I make the transition. I was thinking, jaguars in Australia. Wow. :)

    I find all of your posts and guest posts interesting and thought-provoking, Simon. I'm so pleased we connected -- I tend to believe teachers find us when we're ready to learn, and I have a ton of new teachers in my life these days. It's a wonderful experience.

  5. Helen, my doors always open, and I was thinking I might confuse some visitors. I'd like a real jaguar, but he might eat the dogs.

    Thank you Lori, and Patrcicia. I'm glad we've connected, and I hope to see you both in person soon.

    Marvin, I'll email, and we'll sort something out.

  6. Thats pretty crazy!! I'll tell you what I have has some crazy experiences during my obe's. Thanks 4 sharing brother!!