Friday, 24 September 2010

100 Posts 100 Healings

To celebrate 100 blog posts I’m offering 100 free distant healings. To learn more about distant healing visit this page on my website, and read this post.

The healings will be done collectively, but I’m confident that I will get the same responses I usually get. For ten days starting Friday 8 October to Monday 18 October I will lie down for an hour at 9 AM and 9 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Spirit has encouraged me to do this and Gegu says, “you can do it, my son.” And that’s good enough for me, but to help you believe that this is possible I’ll share these events:

• When I’m guest speaking people in the audience who need healing receive it. I’m not always aware that it’s happening, but they experience the same responses as my clients. It’s common for people I’m personally addressing to cry, and it’s the healing they’ve received that causes this response.

• While I’m healing, meditating, or randomly during my day the faces of past clients appear in my mind, and my hands and body respond as if I’m healing them.

• Clients often contact me and thank me for the healing they’ve just received.

• Clients and friends have seen me appear in their homes as if I’m a ghost, and they’re grateful for the healing they experience.

• A few clients, who live on the Gold Coast, know when I’ve arrived at the Gold Coast; they become flustered, tingly, emotional, and feel loved.

All these things occur without any conscious intent. If I focus and go into an altered state I can amplify these responses.

I’m looking for people who are genuinely doing it tough. If you can afford to pay for a healing please leave the space for someone who cannot. Unless the person is in a coma or cannot communicate please don’t nominate someone. I can heal without consent, but I’d prefer they know about it.

All you need to do to qualify is send me an email (simonhay_healer @ bigpond . com (close the gaps)) and put 100 healings in the subject line. I’ll need your name and if it’s possible a recent photo. I don’t use my client’s email addresses or information for marketing and the photo will be deleted after the ten days. I’d like to list all the first names in a blog post on the 7 October; please let me know if you want to remain anonymous.

To receive the healing coordinate the time (check your time zone) and lie down and relax. Please read all the material on my website; the responses are varied and you might experience something I’ve not witnessed before. You can lie down every day if you wish, but consider these things.

If you’re participating I’d appreciate a comment, and if you know someone this will benefit please share the link. I don’t mind if you copy this in its entirety and post it on your blog, but please leave all the links intact.

This is actually blog post 97, but I’m getting in early. Talk soon, Simon.

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  1. Simon, you rock the world, and I'm sharing this with a few people I know who would benefit from your awesome gift.

    Love you, my friend (truly & deeply),

  2. Ceceilia, I am putting my mom on your list. She will be 90 Oct. 31. Thanks Simon

  3. This is incredible Simon and so good of you to do! I have no doubt the results will be incredible and your gift of reaching so many will go a far way!

    I will be sharing and spreading this as moved to do so, so that it may fall on the ears who could use this most...

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Simon .. this is wonderful .. I have emailed you re my mother - she'll be 90 on 17th Oct .. and I'll be with her.

    Her mind is very active .. despite her state and I know she would dearly appreciate your healing and understands this aspect of life.

    Wonderful offer - gift to be offered to those in need .. many thanks - Hilary

  5. Hi Simon,
    I am sharing this with people and will copy/paste on my blog as well.. a very generous gift from an amazingly gifted healer.

    Thank you.


  6. Tess, mum's on the list. I'll push those young scallywags to the bottom. "Show some respect, make way . . ."

    Thanks for the support everyone!

  7. OMG, found your blog through twitter. I would love a healing, really need it and cannot afford to pay. Thank you so much for your kindness in doing this. xo

  8. Hi Simon - thanks .. I came yesterday & blogger ate it! I spoke to my Ma (Ann) and she was asking me questions - would you visit .. I said in Spirit .. so she's aware.

    I've told Janice our massage therapist, who experiences spirit too, - and has discussed angels, relatives long dead (who visit my Ma) .. with her - Janice is wonderful and so calming for us both .. especially my mother.

    I have thought of a few others and will pass your offering on ..

    Many thanks .. Hilary