Sunday, 3 October 2010

100 Healings: Confused? Me too

Suzie Cheel has interviewed me about the 100 healings offer. I’ve not watched the interview, but apparently I’ve said something that’s confused some people. Yes, the healings are free, and there’s nothing you need to do but contact me and give me your name and, if it’s possible, a recent photo.

Here’s what you don’t have to do:
• Follow my blog.
• Follow me on twitter.
• Friend me on facebook.
• Contact Oprah.
• Mow my lawns.

Here’s some stuff you can do if you’d like to:
• Leave a comment.
• Tell a friend or a stranger.
• Wash my car.
• Help me look for my sunglasses.

If you’re participating in the 100 healings, I’d like you to:
• Relax.
• Have faith.
• Trust me and spirit.
• Read all the information on my website and blog.

Okay, one more thing. The most common response to healing is to feel great. Clients have amazing experiences, but often can’t describe exactly what has happened or how they feel. I’ve shared some responses to healing that may cause some people to be nervous. I believe full disclosure and transparency is paramount for integrity and success. Don’t be nervous, relax, and have fun.

If this post makes no sense, read the four previous posts. Talk soon, I’ve got a footy grand final to watch.

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  1. Hi Simon - thanks for this .. I'm off to listen to the Suzie Cheel interview .. Hilary

  2. Simon, your sunglasses --- have you checked for them on top your head? Seems many people misplace them up there!

    I've been sharing this with people I know all over the U.S. and I know a few who have signed up and are excited to experience your offer. I think this is fabulous and I think the educating you're doing is pretty awesome, too.

    See you soon!

  3. Dear Simon, you are a hoot! I am so glad that you can mix humor with healing. So refreshing to see. I laughed out loud over, "Contact Oprah." AND "Mow my lawns." I am just now watching the Susie Cheel interview. I love it!!!! Hugs and love to you dear Simon!!! Robin