Thursday, 7 October 2010

100 Healings! Get Ready . . . Set! Go!

For all those participating in the 100 Healings, please read these points:
• The healings will start Friday 8 October and continue for ten days. I will be healing at 9 AM and 9pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), for one hour. Please coordinate your time zone. This is the website that I use for international time zones. I’m in Brisbane Australia.
• The healings will be done collectively. It doesn’t matter which time, 9 AM or 9 PM AEST, or day, you choose to participate. You can participate as often as you’re able.
• I won’t have time to contact you during the ten days, but if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them on this post, or email me, and I will respond when I’m able.
• I won’t be able to offer individual feedback about your healing. While distant healing, I don’t record information the same way that I do if you’re on my healing table.
• The responses will vary, and if you choose to participate every day there will be times when you may only feel relaxed. Use this time to think positively about your health and life, and become more self-aware and responsible for the life you’re creating.
• The best approach to this is to be relaxed and have fun. Expectation sometimes creates disappointment. Often what we think we need is not what we get from the healing.
• Please read these posts: Healing Responses, What to Expect After a Healing, Universe I Am Here.
• I have faith in the power of healing, but I have no insight into what you might experience or what the outcome will be.
• I encourage everyone to read all the information on my website and the articles on my blog.

Surprisingly, at this stage I only have 38 57 people participating. I will still accept participants during the ten days. I’ve decided not to post the names because some people have asked to remain anonymous, and others don’t have internet access. I’m emailing everyone today. If you don’t receive an email and you’ve contacted me, perhaps I didn’t receive the email, or I accidently deleted it, or the cat ate it! He has super powers!

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  1. I did not receive an email
    I have read all the material on your blog

  2. Hi Simon .. thanks .. my mother Ann .. she's feeling 'down' at the moment - so to help her through this period - it must be very difficult for her in her state - bedridden etc .. yet with her brain still fully functioning. Really grateful for the help you're offering .. it will be amazing .. I'll be with her for each of the days .. one of which is her birthday .. thank you so much .. Hilary

  3. Thank you. I am looking forward to experiencing your healing and will let you know how I go. God bless you for doing this.

  4. Thank you Simon for your wonderful generosity (as always) in offering us to be part of a wonderful group consciousness, can you please put baby Ned's name and my name on your list! I will be doing my best to share the loving vibes to everyone else on that list also. xxxx nury

  5. Hi Patricia. I've got you on the list and I've sent you an email.

    Hi Nury. You and Ned have been added to the list. I ran out of time this week to come for a visit. I hope to see you soon xx.

    Hilary and Bronnie, you're welcome, love to you and family.

  6. Hi Simon

    Glenda here. If there are any spare places I would appreciate being part of the collective healing.

    BTW I am still feeling happy :)

  7. Hi Glenda, you're on the list. Enjoy the healings. I'm happy you're happy!

  8. Simon, great to see the numbers growing, I am you will reach more than 100 people- there will be the sleepers who you might only hear about after the 10 days. Slept so well last night after the healing session and woke with some interesting questions _) See you in the healing room on Sunday or Monday PM
    love and joy

  9. Do i really have to read all those 3 articles plus the guidelines? No shortcuts? :(