Monday, 10 January 2011

CWSS Episode 6 & Some Other Stuff

Evita and I have another CWWSS episode here — Does a person have to believe in energy healing to be healed? We’re having fun doing these, and if you have a question about working with spirit and energy healing, please, fill out this form.

Always Well Within is a blog that I frequent, and this week I enjoyed this article. Say hi to Sandra, she’s a wonderful soul.

We’re having the wettest wet season in sixty years, and this was my back yard on Boxing Day.
This is Bribie beach which is a forty minute drive from home. With all the rain, minerals and tannin have discoloured the water in a fresh water stream. 

 For the plant lovers. These are taken at the Australia Zoo.

 I love the shades of green!

 In case you're wondering. I love you!

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  1. Wow, that is some major tannin colour in your water. We had the same when I worked out on Washington State's Olympic National Park's Coastal Rain Forest. It made me wonder how medicinal it would be to drink Nature's tea fresh from the streams.

    ~ b ~

  2. That La Nina is a powerful little lady. Hope you are not forced to build an Ark. The plants at the zoo are beautiful!