Monday, 13 June 2011

Evolving Being: Love is Attention Without Judgement Healing is Attention Without Direction

Periodically, my dog, a Jack Russell named Tink, bled from her rectum after defecating. I’ve had success healing dogs so I sat Tink on my lap and preceded to heal her. To my dismay I was unsuccessful. Not being able to heal family and friends is a common experience, and Tink is family. Once we’re in a physical relationship with someone, or something, we perceive and communicate based on the foundations of self and identity—I am Simon, you are—rather than non-self.

I love Tink, but in a relationship, love has boundaries. I’m an animal lover, but animals conform to  our rules. Human relationships are the same—I love you, but … and it’s this that prevents me from healing those closest to me. This illusion of order, our way of being, will be our downfall. Non-self is potentiality and possibility, and to live this way requires us to be brave.

“Split me, tear me apart, fling me across the fabric of space and time. Make me nothing and from nothing, make me everything again.” ~ Rumi

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  1. I am sure you have tried your best to heal Tink Simon. It may not be successful, but she appreciated the care and attention that you have given her.