Wednesday, 17 August 2011

EB Article - The Greatest Teacher is Life

Whether we’re aware of our spirit guides or not, they’re ever present in our lives. I’m blessed that I can hear my guides, and that they physically interact with me, but I wasn’t always aware of them. Gegu, my guide, is sitting beside me now, and I’m comforted by his love and belief in me, but when I was younger, there was another teacher in my life.
Before I tell this story, I’d like to share that I now appreciate life as being the ultimate teacher. Every day we’re presented with opportunity and choices. The emotions and events that hurt us should never hold us back. They’re as enlightening as moments of inspiration. Our battle scars, not burdens, are the evidence of a life fully lived.
Often people marvel at my connection with spirit, but everyday the spirit of the earth, of the universe communicates to us. A ray of sunlight, a bird’s song, a trail of industrious ants, a stranger’s grimace or smile are spirit guides communicating to us. We, with our senses, our emotions, our conscious and unconscious thoughts, create the conversations of the present, and our’s and the world’s future.
This is a story about the universe talking back.
Continue reading here. It's a tear-jerker, bring your tissues.

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