Tuesday, 18 October 2011

EB Article - Soul Healing Through Awareness & Action

On my father’s wall is a photo of my step-mother’s nephew. He died in a single vehicle car crash on the same corner and one metre from where his father had died. Both men, father and son, had been heavy drinkers, and both were drunk when they had the car accidents. This is another tragic example of a habitual frequency in the energy fields of family members. I’m certain that in previous generations there’d be other men who had died while drunk.
I also believe that if the son hadn’t had any contact with his father it’s still possible his life would’ve ended the same way. The father’s ‘tension’ is vibrating in the son’s field. All the tragedy in his father’s life had manifested in his own. The love and support around him went unnoticed and wasn’t enough to alter his journey. Two things would’ve have saved him: awareness and action. Both functions are functions of our physicality. Action and awareness – AA  – are passive vibrations in consciousness. Present, not purposeful.
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