Monday, 12 December 2011

EB Article – Let's Shake The Apathy Out Of Our Minds & Lifestyles

I’m starting to consider that all illness and injury is created in human consciousness, and if that’s true then we’re in control of our lives. We’re responsible for everything. For some of us, and I’d suggest for most of us, this responsibility is too great. I’ve believed for some time that we’re all connected, but looking back on my writing I sense that the words were powerless. I was parroting someone else’s belief system, I had become the 1%, my ideas were surfing the wave of another’s.
I want to be Simon, a well of fresh data and creativity. Every day what I think I know about healing and working with spirit is diminished. I have a library of amazing stories, so many that I forget some. Inspirational and educational in the moment, but by tomorrow, I’ll have a new story. I know nothing.

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