Saturday, 19 May 2012

EB Article: How Our Lives Are Influenced by What's in our Energy Fields

Every moment in our lives remains in our energy fields. I see the recent events in Japan as an example of this: the radiation from the nuclear power plant is vibrating at the same frequency as the aftermath of the atomic bombing during the second world war. The energy field of a nation is similar to a body’s, and with healing, all frequencies can be neutralised or heightened.

A client shared a story about a friend: a young man who had a life filled with tragedy. In his past, men in his family had killed themselves, and teenage friends had died in car accidents. He met a young woman and was happy for a number of years, but tragically she was killed in a car accident by a man who chose to commit suicide by driving his car into hers.
I believe energy healing would’ve prevented this. The young man is vibrating at death by suicide and car accident, and he will continue to attract these events into his life. Can this be proven? The western health answer is no, but these patterns occur all the time.

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