Thursday 30 June 2011

True or False & CWSS Video & Worms!

A reader at asked a few questions.

1) Is it true that your spirit can leave your body and return back to the body while you are living on earth?

Yes, but we need to determine what spirit is. Consciousness can take on any form — shape-shift — and we can have and record the experiences of all life forms. If our soul, being the totality of our individual consciousness, leaves our body then we’re dead or having a near death experience. When our spirit, a layer of consciousness, leaves our body our mind can record the experience. It’s an interactive experience and feels real.

2) I read that your spirit can leave the body, and can travel and visit anyone anywhere and know what the person is doing. Is this really true?

Yes, you can do this, but I’d consider it disrespectful to do it uninvited. I have friends who contact me for a hug and they’ll experience that. My experience is that they have the physical sensations of the hug and I only observe the hug. No one has been able to do the same for me.

3) All I know is that I have a body form, I speak and move because my brain tells me how to respond to any situation I’m in … but spirit, how do you use it?

Everything is spirit. Observe your environment and you’re communicating to spirit. Don’t live separate from life. Mind allows us to understand the language of spirit/life. One mind not 8 billion separate minds.

If you’re referring to spirit, the consciousness of deceased beings, then believe that they’re real without evidence. We coexist, two worlds observing each other. Everything we do affects the world of spirit. Choose peace and love and you’ll be vibrating at the same frequency as spirit.

Thanks for the questions.

Evita and I have a new CWSS video posted here: Can we release past karma in our present lifetime?

Also, I built a worm farm!

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Saturday 25 June 2011

Photos! Australia Zoo & my Backyard

 "Do you think it can see me?" Babe, if that strikes at you, you're going to pee!
 Carpet snake at Australia Zoo.

 Mother's day for kangaroos. 
 This season's garden. I'm in the process of putting in another garden for root & vine vegetables.
 I made some herb boxes for Maree, and we repotted the blue berries. 
Repotted the feijoas - on the left. 
 The best fruit and vegetables! The dogs love it when the kids stay over. They're so patient and are included in every game. 
 Our first pumpkin!
When I'm not healing, this is where you'll find me. Boy, look at that concentration. That's my writing face :)
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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Online Friends & Writers Series — Tessa Gratton & Blood Magic!

Tessa Gratton is one of my favourite YA authors. I’ve been reading her short stories at Merry Sisters of Fate forever. She’s lyrical, mystical, fantastical — see all the cal’s, that’s me trying to impress her. She knows words, lots of words! She falls asleep reading dictionaries, and dreams about cadavers, Norse Gods with abs, and blood! Listen to this — When I was a kid, I wanted to be a wizard. Or a paleontologist. Maybe both. I’m neither now, but magic and monsters are still my favourite things.— that’s from her bio! She scares the b’jesus out of me, but I grew a set (that’s another cal sounding word), tried not to sound like a chipmunk, and asked Tessa some questions.

Rather than the marketing blurb, can you share the around the dinner table with family and friends I love Blood Magic pitch?

I always tell people in person that it’s about two teenagers in small-town Missouri who discover they both have a family history of folk magic. With cemeteries and kissing and blood.

In the morning I can’t write without first having a shower and a cup of tea. When you’re writing are you an all-day pyjamas girl, or is there a routine you follow?

I put on my special pyjamas (seriously) get some coffee and sit down to do emails and read blogs while the caffeine does its job. That’s really it. I like not having a routine I have to follow, because it means I can write anytime, anywhere!

If you had ten million dollars to give to any charity, which charity would you donate to and why?

You know what I’d really do? I’d use a bunch of the money to buy the stuff they need at the local domestic violence shelter and the animal shelter, and then take the rest to set up a fund through the local library to offer scholarships to teens for either high school or college.

If you could have dinner with any person, alive or dead, who would you choose and what would you talk about?

William Shakespeare! Not very original, but wow, we could talk about everything. I’d ask what his favourite word is and which character was his favourite to write.

Do you believe in magic, and if you do, why?

I don’t believe in magic exactly, but I believe that there are experiences that are so powerful we can’t understand them. I believe that human beings see and create patterns that can seem like magic. I believe that beauty and hope feel like magic sometimes.

Dean Winchester is taking you out to dinner; he’s three minutes away from picking you up when the phone rings: it’s one of your critique partners, it’s a crisis, they have twelve hours to rewrite twenty thousand words. Do you:
a)      Cancel with Dean.
b)      Go to dinner with Dean, take your blackberry, and spend the evening ignoring him and chat with your critique partner.
c)      Calm your critique partner down and reassure them that they’re capable of handling this, and tell them you won’t be in cell phone range this evening.
d)     None of the above. (?)

I can’t even think about rewriting 20k in 12 hours. I don’t think it’s physically possible! So maybe I’d get Dean inside and he could get his angel bud, Cassiel, to bend time or something so my crit partner could succeed. It would be like dinner-and-world-saving, which is something I’m sure Dean’s used to!

Thanks, Simon! 

Where’s Tessa?

You can stalk Tessa on twitter and facebook, or follow her blog.  Buy Blood Magic here,  here, and here. She’s everywhere! I feel like the eye of Mordor is watching me.

Disclaimer thingy: I paid for my copy of Blood Magic, Tessa hasn’t given me one of her infamous tarot card readings, and she never calls  … I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry.
"Dad, how much blood does she need?" Tink, I don't think she uses dog's blood.
"Look, I haven't had much sleep, I've been up all night reading, so don't put this photo online."

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