Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Path of No Path — Spirit’s Best Advice!

I was once asked by a new client if I’d tell her if I hadn’t successfully healed an illness or injury. It’s a fair question, and she was surprised when I talked freely about some of those moments. If you’ve spent time with me you’d know that I’m brutally honest about my healing work and my experiences with spirit.

I believe the process of healing has to be simplified, and to remove the ‘alternative’ tag attached to energy healing the healing community has to be professional, and stop parroting information that we don’t fully grasp. It may come as a surprise that I embrace science, but in this field as soon as we think about or investigate the process, we influence and alter what’s happening. I feel that science is a way to gather supporting evidence, but it can be hindered by the politics behind the funding, and the hierarchy of the scientific community.

Many years ago Gegu, my spirit guide, repeatedly said this phrase to me, “the path of no path.” I believe he wanted to encourage an evolving truth without a fixed belief system: the absence of influence, pure thought, and to be a pioneer. Oh, and he doesn’t like it when I use the word pioneer to describe myself. “Be more than that, be no one thing. Be nothing.”

Every interaction we have with anything, and in this case illness, alters it. A limiting factor in creating change for healers and clients is that we don’t disengage from a social frequency. If I’m healing cancer, essentially, I’m healing everyone who has had cancer and everyone they’ve communicated with. The best results that I get are with clients who come immediately to see me and sceptics. What I like about sceptics is this, “I thought I’d come anyway, but I really think this is bullshit.” Two things: “I thought I’d come,” and they’re completely honest. The intention is to come, and their scepticism detaches them from what they think I’m doing.

Come on healers; let’s be honest, “I don’t even know what I’m doing.” I thought I’d come downstairs and stand at the healing table. All the rest is window dressing and a great story, because as soon as I think anything else I’m imposing my will, and belief systems on the client.

Here’s the conundrum about energy/faith/spiritual/fill my pockets with crystals/change my name to Black Eagle even though I’m not a native American Indian healing: there will be similarities between what we all do, but it doesn’t mean those similarities are necessary or true. The global social frequency makes us copy-cats. Be an individual!

I’m going to tell you the secret of energy healing. Are you ready? “It’s you.” That’s right, it’s pretty damn simple. Compassion is also nice, and respect. Here are some things you don’t need:

• Seeing and communicating with spirit is amazing, but not necessary.
• Past lives are interesting, and seem to be a significant part of some healings, but you don’t have to be able to describe or see a past life to heal someone.
• A designated healing room. Be a paramedic; heal anywhere.
• This is a big one. You don’t need to be trained by anyone to be able to heal. I’m confident that if you spend time with me, or have a healing, you will have a profound experience and a healing vibration will be activated in your energy field, but I can’t tell you how it happens. I know that spirit is involved and an energetic connection is made between us, but, truthfully, I don’t know how.
• You don’t need to read anything about energy healing, but I’m aware that some people, after reading my articles, have had some of my experiences. Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection, has also connected many readers to a healing vibration.
• Crystals, essences, prayers, affirmations, angel cards, and other accessories aren’t necessary.
• A change of diet. Change your diet to be healthy and all areas of your life will improve.
• I’d like to dress like an Xman, but it’s not necessary.
• This is another big one. Having faith in a divine power. Have faith in yourself.
• Pretty much everything that you think you might need.

What’s a social or global frequency? I’ll tell you a story: T, a thirty year old woman comes to see me with a rare bone disease. I can’t pronounce it, I didn’t write it down, and the only medical training I’ve had is birthing lambs: it’s slippery, warms your hands on a frosty morning, and rewarding.

The disease is terminal, and for thirty years the woman’s family, friends, and the global medical community have believed that she won’t live past thirty five years old. Multiply that by every person and culture that has experienced the disease, and that’s what I call a social or global frequency—a resonant bonding of a collective experience: fear, pain, physical degeneration, death, and grief.

In the field of consciousness a magnetic bonding occurs. Do I know what I’m talking about? Can I prove this? I’m not sure; I’m writing intuitively and trusting myself and spirit. I have moments where I see my clients as an energy field of liquid light. Fear and illness have a taste, a smell, and a feeling. What’s invisible and unnoticed becomes real and recordable.

During T’s healing I had an experience of separating, not only from my body, but from my consciousness; I became the field, and this has become common during healings. I saw thousands of images and experienced thousands of lives compressed into forty five minutes. I travelled tens of thousands of years into the past and witnessed the first time the disease had occurred.

Was this real? Is a near death experience real, how about remote viewing, or even spirit? Did I record the moment accurately? The only thing I can guarantee is that I have a story to tell. Despite this, intuitively, I have an inner knowing that I’m close to discovering something evidential, not esoteric.

I witnessed spirals and waves of energetic bonding turn to liquid light. The raucous competing chatter of a multitude of bad notes turned into a harmonious humming. T looked ten years younger, the colours in her eyes were radiant, she rolled off the healing table like a gymnast, and an after-sex feeling charged the atmosphere.

T had brought a friend, and, while T caught her breath, she asked me to describe what I had experienced. During the conversation I suggested that I’d like to see T a few more times in close succession. I believed that I could help T. “But, she’s had this all her life.” T’s light dimmed. Her eye’s returned to the dull lifeless grey they were when she arrived. One comment reconnected T to the social frequency. Our environment creates illness and prevents us from healing. T never came back to see me.

Some people will believe that T would heal if the timing was right, that she has a soul contract to fulfil, that she has chosen this illness, and this lifetime. Those are belief systems that are as damaging as telling someone they’re terminally ill. I know that there are lots of mediums channelling information that supports these beliefs, and in the past I’ve channelled similar information, but here’s something to ponder—“The path of no path.”

Once I’d grasped what Gegu was trying to teach me, I realised that the only truthful and accurate experiences I’d had with spirit and healing were the ones I’d had when I knew nothing. Once I’d talked with other healers, mediums, and psychics, and read the books they’d recommended I was mimicking their experiences. This made my ego happy, and Gegu admonishing. I’m grateful for his patience.

The science of energy healing and working with spirit is filled with paradox. No one thing is constant or true. One hundred people with the same illness can have different responses to healing. What works for one client doesn’t work for the next. Intention is important, but so is detachment. At times boredom seems just as important as love.

Gary and C are two of the best healers I’ve encountered, they have the potential to be great, and prior to coming for a healing, they knew nothing about energy healing. Their minds are uncluttered. All they need to do is to be willing to heal. Before you write the comment, “I wish I was like them,” I’m confident that you already are. This year, believe in the power of you.

Happy New Year!

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