Tuesday 29 January 2013

Authentic Energy/Spiritual Healing in 2013

Increasingly, people are looking to alternative health practitioners to heal, but recently I was asked the question, what entitles you to call yourself a healer? It’s a fair question. Many self-titled healers of modalities of energy/spiritual healing aren’t getting consistent, or any, health responses. At best, those healers are intuitive/esoteric counsellors. They’ve done a modality of healing course, but have never successfully healed illness or injury.
If you’re considering seeing an energy healer, ask for testimonials; ask questions! Do they have a professional website, a full diary? Those things won’t guarantee that the healer is legit, but word of mouth marketing will ensure that a healer who get’s results is busy, and in the digital age, a visible and professional online platform is an indicator of commitment and professionalism. An obvious red flag would be someone who promises miracles and charges exorbitantly. From observation and experience, seemingly miraculous outcomes follow no fixed pattern. I’m grateful for those results, but they still surprise me. Humility and honesty are indicators of good healers/people.
As alternative health practitioners, we owe it to the people who trust us to be transparent and honest about our successes and failures. Unfortunately, accreditation doesn’t guarantee expertise, and the quality of accreditation is ungoverned and sometimes questionable. After many years in this field, I’m aware that someone without any prior training or knowledge of energy healing is able to create a health response in another. As long as they are willing those people often make the best healers. That discovery significantly undermines the teaching of technique and modality.
If someone who knows nothing about metaphysics can create change with intention and action, then what value can we place on teaching people how to heal? It would be more beneficial to find natural healers and have seasoned and proven healers mentor them. My spirit guide has talked often about the path of no path, which in this case translates to the technique of no technique. I’d rather show people healing than tell them how to do it. Regarding energy/spiritual healing, I’m always sceptical when I hear, “this is how this works. I know what I’m doing.”  
I believe it’s misleading to use the title healer if we’re not getting consistent results. Anyone can create a warm fuzzy response in a client. At the time, the experience may feel great, but what of the long term benefits: was the illness cured, has pain been reduced, did permanent change occur? I’m aware that some clients need follow-up treatments, but if we believe that to be so we’ll not be successful with one session. Our minds are powerful, and illness and health are states of consciousness.
I agree that there are many factors contributing to health or lack of, but this article isn’t about that. I’ve also had negligible and nil responses in clients, but continue to have numerous and consistent health responses. The more that I do this the percentage of positive healings rise.
I believe, for energy/spiritual healing to be embraced by the broader community, healers must market themselves evidentially with not just one amazing healing, but with repeat and accurate testimonial. We should not use esoteric mumbo jumbo to describe what we do. Yes, that may seem judgmental and harsh, but as long as we use esoteric language we will only reach a niche market.
If we truly believe in the power of intention and or spirit, shouldn’t our goal be to connect with and excite as many people as possible about the benefits of energy/spiritual healing? Are we healers or intuitive/esoteric counsellors?
In 2012 we survived the end of the world again, and everything remains the same. Are we better healers in this new age? Has our vibration been raised—whatever that means—and if it has, other than a spiritual teacher telling us so, how will we know?
Those questions are meaningless to the majority, and it’s those people we must reach for energy healing to be credible. We can reach them with facts and straight talking. From observation and experience lots of people in the energy healing industry—and it has become an industry—are talking about concepts they don’t understand. In this field it’s okay to say, I don’t know, and clients need and demand honesty. It’s cliché, but the truth will set us free.
There’s only one certainty in energy healing, and that’s to be willing. For healers, I will heal, and for clients, I will allow myself to heal. Everything else is marketing and trimmings. How we heal isn’t important because it’s those differences that create separation. This isn’t a divine gift; it’s consciousness, potentiality, and an untapped resource that resides in us all.
Another factor that contributes to unauthentic marketing is that many in the spiritual community believe everyone can do this. Potentially, yes they can, but often when we leave it to the universe nothing happens. Our businesses don’t grow, people don’t seek us out, and practitioners become disheartened and spiral into spiritual depression. When that happens the healing becomes about the practitioners state of being and not the client’s. It’s a tough realisation, but not everyone can do this. Find something you’re great at. Everyone has a gift, the ultimate gift—the gift of life!  
The universe is most giving when we take action. Belief isn’t enough. Successful people work hard and smart. I’ve heard a succession of energy/spiritual healers and mediums and psychics retell the one miraculous healing that they did over and over. Why was there only one? This is something I’ve pondered for the past decade.
Spirit’s answer is that in those instances spirit used the healer and client’s fields of consciousness to create health. The universe is an opportunist. The healers didn’t have the faith or commitment to recreate the outcome with a different illness or injury. Every illness has a different vibration. Every cell in every living thing has a different vibration and it’s that frequency that energy/spiritual healing manipulates.
Can I prove that? No I can’t, and that’s what we should be honest about. Other than the experience—what I see, feel, intuit—I don’t know how I’m healing. Yes, I’m in partnership with spirit and the universe/field of consciousness, but I’m also aware that the living healer is the most crucial part of the partnership. The healing won’t occur without a living human participating.
In 2013 let’s market ourselves authentically. Are you getting consistent and positive health responses?    

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