Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prophets and Angels

In the summer of 2000 angels became a part of my life. Stepping out of giant golden teardrops of light these graceful, powerful, and at times intimidating glowing beings filled my home and kept me company at work. Any doubts I entertained that they were not real were gently shifted when I felt their warm hands touching me. They bumped into me, nudged me playfully, and we brushed past each other in the hallway.

At the same time the sound of running feet against the hardwood floors in my home heralded the arrival of the ghosts of children. I’d not seen a ghost in my lifetime, but I couldn’t deny what was occurring around me. With meditation I had connected with my angelic guide, Gegu, a Buddhist monk, and he introduced me to prophets and healers.

Everything happened so quickly. Whether I was meditating or laying pipe-work plumbing, flashes of light were turning into indigenous elders, healers, shamans, scholars, and prophets, from all cultures and times. Jesus and His family became constant companions. Moses, Job, Abraham, John the Baptist, and many others introduced themselves, and Jesus asked me to tell His story.

I didn’t have the time or the will to question, or make sense of the experience. I had been a farmer and I was now a plumber. I was born in New Zealand, the son of a carpenter who became a school teacher, and a housekeeper who became an alcoholic, and I only visited churches for weddings and funerals.

Why was He here? How was this possible?

As a teenager I watched my mother do séances with friends, and I wondered why spirits chose to speak to smoking, drinking, lonely divorcees, and marvelled at the turned upside down glass as it glided from letter to letter. The least drunk posed the questions and the glass answered. “Is anybody there?” There was always somebody, but Jesus never visited.

He’s here now, one hand on my shoulder, curious and amused as I think about what to write. My hands are warm and a glowing heart has formed on my right palm. The shape intrigues me and I know it is where the nail was driven into Jesus’ hand. He sighs, and I feel like crying. At times there’s the shape of an angel on my hand, but it’s the heart that glows the brightest.

The prophet Mohammed and the young prince who became Buddha have frequented my healing room. All cultures are represented; it’s the NATO that gets the job done. Politics and race are replaced with truth and love. I work from home, the classic quarter acre, tattooed, separated, broken, determined, in love, lonely, regular, and still they come. Are they real? In my world they are. Seen or unseen they walk beside us.

Pope John Paul is watching Jesus and me; he too is curious, and enlightened. He thinks about Jesus differently now and he has asked me to be gentle with his church. He has a great smile, and I exhale the butterflies he has filled me with. My old farm dog nudges my knee and my uncle Harry pulls up a chair. My step daughter, she’s alive, pushes me out of the way and quickly types, you’re a loser.

Jesus, unnoticed by alive and cheeky, dissolves into golden mist and reappears sitting with the aboriginal elders behind me. A dusty Indian boy is sitting cross legged beside me and Tip, my old dog, drops down beside him.

I think about healing and the gift that has been awakened within me.

“It’s your gift, my son.” Gegu encourages.

Jesus smells good, like sandal wood and fresh damper. He has just enough body hair to be a fireman, Mr December, and his lean stomach doesn’t need improving with photo shop. He could be a sports star on a billboard, selling Calvin Klein, Gillette; He’s the best a man can get.

He’s not what you might imagine. He didn’t want to build a church, or to tell people how to live. He hoped and rallied for a community that shared wealth and harvest equally, for leadership not rule, for tolerance not judgement. He wants to be remembered as being someone’s son and not His Son.

For many years now moments like these have enriched my life. I’m blessed and humbled, and I confess to not understanding why. Why me?

My healing room is filled with angels when I’m working, and they’ve taught me to believe we are the angels. They look at us with wonderment. We are the creators. We created the Christ. Jesus was only a man with an incredible gift and a desire to bring change for his family and community.

Speak to you soon. Cheers, Simon.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life and spirit

Everything we do and think remains in our energetic environment. Its present as consciousness, it’s in cellular memory, our DNA, everything our senses can record, and is, and is not, space, time, or matter. There’s no word or ideology that can adequately or accurately describe this process (?). It simply is, much like the address, ‘I am.’ We always want to understand it and if we do we run the risk of harnessing it. Will we use it for good? If history (habit) is the guide, I’d think not.

As a healer I see the presence of what has come before. I follow energetic threads into ancestral spirit and turn shadows into light. We’re alcoholics, depressed, unlucky in love, because for an unlimited number of generations this pattern has been repeated, over and over again.

The individual is healed because I heal the world. I chase the thread of energy/habit into the past. How I see it, or what I perceive it to be, is not important. I see and perceive because I’m the physical embodiment* of what is, the, I am. The part of us that records and desires the answer is the smallest particle (?) of all, and yet it is the creator and the created.

* We’re a vessel for unlimited potential and the physical part of us is the restrictive/reactive (the habit) part of us. Everything has an individual vibration and is also a singular vibration. The singular is nothing. Don’t try to name it, its not peace, bliss, consciousness, God, question, or answer. If enlightenment (pure and unqualified knowledge) can be recorded and experienced, then by definition it’s not enlightenment.

In my world spirit coexist with me. They’re present. There’s no them or us. I also believe as a singular vibration we’ve lived every life. I could say I’ve lived fifty past lives, but I’ve also been present for every life. The knowledge gained from those lifetimes is present now. It’s in my tea cup, the enamel on my teeth, this symbol @, consciousness, it is: here, there, where?

The problem with life is that we’re in a state of habit not evolution. Spirit is present to make us aware of that. The choices we make are already pre programmed. We don’t have free will, only the desire to be willing or not. We used up free will the first time a lie was told, we destroyed the gift when the tools for living where used to destroy. Unrecorded by history or science we lived in peace and harmony, and then fear turned us into warriors.

We’re at war—its habit.

We’re better than that. We always have been.

We’re creating the future now. The future is present, observing and evolving.

Look beyond the horizon. Do not place a ceiling on what you can achieve. I heal because I can. My goals are fleeting, growth rings on a tree, marking now not tomorrow. I’m able to heal not because I understand or need to know, but because I can.

Spirit/guides/angels are glimpses of what resides within us.

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How do you heal?

The most common question I’m asked about healing is, how do I do it? I think the complete answer will become a book, because somewhere amongst the stories I’m able to share is the secret. I frequently tell everyone, “I’m in the business of I don’t know. I’m a story teller.”

The truth is I believe I do know, but I’m unable to prove it to satisfy or influence the health industry. I’ve snippets of information like post it notes, randomly placed within my mind. When I speak to my clients a gem emerges from the gravel, something important that assists with the healing.

Where is the blue print stored for embryo fetal development, and if it’s present at conception, although it appears to be invisible, does this blue print remain? I’d say yes. Seemingly from nowhere our complex bodies grow. If I think about this then the possibility for life is ever present. It exists now while I’m typing. If life is ever present then perfect health has to be present as well. It remains a possibility although it appears to be invisible.

Somewhere in a human cell the creation of a new healthy cell is present. Where, and what is it? The easy answer is that a vibration exists, the presence of light, the ebb and flow of something, or a measure of consciousness. Life is a symphony of vibration. Religion and science will always be in competition about the source of this mystery. There will never be a definitive explanation. We will never be happy with the source being nothing.

If you come to me because you have a sore knee, I know that the vibration is present for a healthy pain free joint. How do I manipulate or alter the vibration of the injury? I don’t know, and it’s not important. The first rule of healing is to have faith. Every rule after reads, look at first rule. You have to have faith in yourself.

I call this awareness, skipping stones. Many years ago a work mate and I had smoko at a creek. We started to throw stones, and he was able to get every stone to skip across the water. I was busy looking for the perfect shaped stone to throw and he was throwing everything: big, small, flat, chunky, and everything was skipping.

Now I could have thought he just had a great arm and was doing this all his life. It made no sense. Defying logic every stone skipped. That’s what I call a glimpse of human potential, and it’s in all of us. I could stand and watch, or throw stones. I threw those babies until my arm was aching, and I managed to skip a few.

This is how I heal. I walk up to the table over and over again. I see human potential. I see perfect health. I see you.

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Meditating to connect with spirit

The best advice I can give anyone who wishes to develop psychic ability, work as a medium, or become a healer is to meditate. Not once a week, dependent on a group, but as much as you can. Meditate in the shower, sitting on the toilet, mowing the lawns, during any repetitive activity that doesn’t require you to think about what you’re doing. Don’t do it when your wife is talking to you; pay  attention! Even if one eye is on the footy game, touch her on the way past, and always notice when she has had her hair done. Boys, this will help you to mediate. Girls, just ignore him, you can already multi task.

Hang on! Can we meditate on the move? Yes you can. We’re not meditating to become the Dalai Lama; we want to connect with spirit. Here’s a response I left on the blog. Although the question was about self inquiry and Deepak’s focus on meditative techniques, the principle is the same.

My angelic guide is a Buddhist monk, his name is Gegu, and he has taught me how to meditate. The chatter in our mind he calls our questioning mind, and his teachings will have me on 'the path of no path'. He says to first believe, two things can happen at the same time in perfect harmony. The proof of this is the harmony of the trillions of things that happen in our bodies at the same time. We breathe without conscious thought, our hearts beat, and our questioning mind does not interfere with these processes. So, stillness and chatter coexist in perfect harmony. Surely this is enlightenment? If ego also coexists, and it must, then ego is also an enlightened state. If we start here then meditation is easy, and mindful.

Enlightenment is also found in an act of rage, because it coexists with 'the path of no path'. Everything I'm writing is coming from Gegu. The difference between you, the reader, and me, the writer, is only we're individually the sum of our separate life experiences and evolved personalities.

Too much emphasis is given towards the overcoming of ego. If we claim to have reached an enlightened or mindful state, is there not ego in this statement? I am there, you are not.

If our intent is to find stillness then the questioning mind will quieten, and our focus will shift to the stillness, but remember stillness is always present, only our awareness shifts. Be aware though, our mind is awareness, the translator, the means to understand and record the stillness. Without it there is no record of the moment. The moment exists, but not recorded by a mind.

Our mind is the mobile phone spirit is going to call us on. If we turn the phone off we won’t be able to record or understand what spirit is saying/teaching. You will find spirit in the silence, but it’s at a collective consciousness level. You will experience bliss, floating out of body, but you will have no recall.

Before you try to meditate while driving the kids to school, first sit quietly. No special position, just make sure you’re comfortable. I like low light because I see the images clearer when my eyes are closed. Don’t worry about what your mind is doing. Let your thoughts wander, relax your hands and jaw, it makes a difference, and have no expectation about what you will experience.

Any form of prayer or ritual that is protection based, is also fear based, and unnecessary. Trust me on this. Too many spiritual guides/teachers are limiting their student’s experiences by enforcing this principle.

Your guides and spirit already know what you want, but it will help relax you if you ask (not out loud). Breathe in, “I’d like to talk to my guide,” breathe out, “I love this.” Any variation of this, or silence, will bring a result. Remember, meditate every day.

Let any images you see flow, don’t try to interpret what you’re seeing. A common pattern of images is: colours, symbols, some people see animated scenes, fantasy creatures, religious icons, hands, faces, and then full figures and landscapes. This is a guide only and everyone will have a different experience.

The best advice I can give you is, at first don’t attach meaning to anything you see/experience. Spirit is trying to teach you a new language, just because red means something to someone else, don’t assume it means the same thing for you. If you see a pyramid don’t immediately think it’s from a past life, calligraphy doesn’t mean you have to try and interpret it, and if you hear a foreign language, ask for it in English, or a language you understand. You will know when it is real, you will have no doubt.

Observe, but don’t become involved. Wait until all the static is gone. Don’t let anybody tell you what to do, not even me. This is a guide. I’m only the master of my own experience, and there are no rules when working with spirit, but these, faith and trust.

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them for you. Good luck, Simon.

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That crazy thing called love

If you come to me for healing, sometime during the ninety minute treatment, I will tell you that “I love you.” Most people assume I mean in a spiritual way, or that I’m channelling a higher consciousness, a divine healing love, and, because I’m eccentric and sensitive, I’ve expressed out loud my love for the power of healing.

Surely he doesn’t mean he loves me? Yes I do. Often people say to me that I can heal because I come from a place of love, I have a higher vibration, or I must be enlightened enough to be a channel for unconditional love. Well, how do you know, a what, and do you want to have a beer with me?

I don’t believe I’m a channel for unconditional love, unconditional love is our greatest potential, and is also the sibling of perfect health, harmony, and peace. A place of love? Is that a holy place, a moment of connection with God consciousness, a soup of calm utopian emotions, or a peaceful state of mindfulness? Maybe all or none of these descriptions, and if I have a higher vibration, by suggestion you must have a low vibration. I’m sorry, this is a high vibration bar only; you can drink in the public bar. Now that’s not right.

I’m not unique, but my vibration or frequency is my own. Every letter I’m typing, motion, thought, and the squillion (is that a real number?) things that happen in our bodies at the same time, all have an individual vibrational frequency. We’re all in the infinite pool of something. If God is everything, aren’t we by definition God? Gods! Ooops, there goes my credibility. He thinks he’s a God.

My healing gift is not measured against or controlled by my moods, my diet, or my love for rugby and all things Australian—it simply is. The choices in my life are only choices, often made because of generational, social, and cultural habit. The frequency of habit is in my genes, my cellular energy, and my consciousness: divine, common, observed, ignored, its disharmony or symphony permeates my life.

Do I love everybody? I have to admit I have a little trouble with this outside the healing room, but this feeling is something spirit has encouraged me to express when I’m healing. I’m sincere, I love you. I see how beautiful you are, when you cannot. I see perfect health.

Why do we always separate something spiritual from the physical? All parts of life reincarnate and remain constant. Our bodies reincarnate into the earths environment as easily as the returning of our souls. If there’s only one soul, one spirit, one consciousness, one divine; then reincarnation is only vocabulary used to describe something that is constant.

An important part of the process of healing is my ability to love you. I can only feel that way because that feeling is in you. We’re living different parts of the one life; exciting, unparalleled, extraordinary, and tantalisingly similar parts of the one life.

My whole body hums with love for you. No, not in a creepy I’m going to stalk you way, but in a, maybe this is how we’re supposed to live way. We share anger as powerfully as we share love, and this indefinable God is found equally in both emotions.

I see spirit, angels, and things my imagination and love of Dean Koontz novels couldn’t possibly create, so its hard for me to believe they’re not real, but reality is perception, and as intricate and as varied as describing the infinite pool.

I’ll share this though; all the angels and spirits who frequent my healing room look at us with unforeseen awe and respect, and they tell me we are the angels. We are the lucky ones. By definition angels and miracles are, well, angelic and miraculous, but we have this around the wrong way.

I love you, because I can. It’s what makes us angels.

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