Sunday 18 October 2009

Meditating to connect with spirit

The best advice I can give anyone who wishes to develop psychic ability, work as a medium, or become a healer is to meditate. Not once a week, dependent on a group, but as much as you can. Meditate in the shower, sitting on the toilet, mowing the lawns, during any repetitive activity that doesn’t require you to think about what you’re doing. Don’t do it when your wife is talking to you; pay  attention! Even if one eye is on the footy game, touch her on the way past, and always notice when she has had her hair done. Boys, this will help you to mediate. Girls, just ignore him, you can already multi task.

Hang on! Can we meditate on the move? Yes you can. We’re not meditating to become the Dalai Lama; we want to connect with spirit. Here’s a response I left on the blog. Although the question was about self inquiry and Deepak Chopra's focus on meditative techniques, the principle is the same.

My angelic guide is a Buddhist monk, his name is Gegu, and he has taught me how to meditate. He calls the chatter in our mind, our questioning mind, and his teachings will have me on 'the path of no path'. He says to first believe two things can happen at the same time in perfect harmony. The proof of this is the harmony of the trillions of things that happen in our bodies at the same time. We breathe without conscious thought, our hearts beat, and our questioning mind does not interfere with these processes. So, stillness and chatter coexist in perfect harmony. Surely this is enlightenment? If ego also coexists, and it must, then ego is also an enlightened state. If we start here, then meditation is easy and mindful.

Enlightenment is also found in an act of rage because it coexists with 'the path of no path'. Everything I'm writing now is coming from Gegu. The difference between you, the reader, and me, the writer, is only we're individually the sum of our separate life experiences and evolved personalities.

Too much emphasis is given towards the overcoming of ego. If we claim to have reached an enlightened or mindful state, is there not ego in this statement? I am there, you are not.

If our intent is to find stillness then the questioning mind will quieten and our focus will shift to the stillness, but remember, stillness is always present, only our awareness shifts. Be aware though, our mind is awareness, the translator, the means to understand and record the stillness. Without it there is no record of the moment. The moment exists, but not recorded by a mind.

Our mind is the mobile phone spirit is going to call us on. If we turn the phone off we won’t be able to record or understand what spirit is saying or teaching. You will find spirit in the silence, but it’s at a collective consciousness level. You will experience bliss, floating out of body, but you will have no recall.

Before you try to meditate while driving the kids to school, first sit quietly. No special position, just make sure you’re comfortable. I like low light because I see the images clearer when my eyes are closed. Don’t worry about what your mind is doing. Let your thoughts wander, relax your hands and jaw, it makes a difference, and have no expectation about what you will experience.

Any form of prayer or ritual that is protection themed, is also fear based and unnecessary. Trust me on this. Too many spiritual guides/teachers are limiting their student’s experiences by enforcing this principle.

Your guides and spirit already know what you want, but it will help relax you if you ask (not out loud). Breathe in, “I’d like to talk to my guide,” breathe out, “I love this.” Any variation of this, or silence, will bring a result. Remember, meditate every day.

Let any images you see flow, don’t try to interpret what you’re seeing. A common pattern of images is: colours, symbols, some people see animated scenes, fantasy creatures, religious icons, hands, faces, and then full figures and landscapes. This is a guide only and everyone will have a different experience.

The best advice I can give you is, at first don’t attach meaning to anything you see or experience. Spirit is trying to teach you a new language and just because red means something to someone else, don’t assume it means the same thing for you. If you see a pyramid, don’t immediately think it’s from a past life. If you see calligraphy, it doesn’t mean you have to try and interpret it, and if you hear a foreign language, ask for it in English, or a language you understand. You will know when the images you see are real. You will have no doubt.

Observe, but don’t become involved. Wait until all the static is gone. Don’t let anybody tell you what to do, not even me. This is a guide only. I’m only the master of my own experience, and there are no rules when working with spirit, but these, faith and trust.

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them for you. Good luck, Simon.

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