Monday, 12 December 2011

EB Article – Let's Shake The Apathy Out Of Our Minds & Lifestyles

I’m starting to consider that all illness and injury is created in human consciousness, and if that’s true then we’re in control of our lives. We’re responsible for everything. For some of us, and I’d suggest for most of us, this responsibility is too great. I’ve believed for some time that we’re all connected, but looking back on my writing I sense that the words were powerless. I was parroting someone else’s belief system, I had become the 1%, my ideas were surfing the wave of another’s.
I want to be Simon, a well of fresh data and creativity. Every day what I think I know about healing and working with spirit is diminished. I have a library of amazing stories, so many that I forget some. Inspirational and educational in the moment, but by tomorrow, I’ll have a new story. I know nothing.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How Do I Heal & Do Psychic Readings?

It's a question I get asked a lot, and it's not easy to answer. The strength of my faith and mind are contributing factors, but it's impossible to be specific because spontaneous healings now happen when people visit my website, read my articles, interact with me on social media, and hear my name. For this article I'll describe the physical process in point detail with accompanying thoughts.

Read this on my website, What To Expect During a Healing, and this about Healing Responses. I advise everyone to read all the material on my website, including the disclaimer, before coming to see me. There are also numerous articles on my blog (click on the soul healing, distant healing, energy healing tags) to assist you in making an informed decision.

Once you're settled on the massage table I'll ask, why have you come to see me. If for a reading as well as a healing, I'll describe how I'll be communicating to you. I'll move my hands over your body and may describe where my hands will be placed and where I'll be positioned. 

If I place my hands somewhere during this introduction, or during the healing, that makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell me. I will reposition myself. Contact, especially close to a medical condition or injury, accelerates the healing, but your personal boundaries and well being are important to me.

I'll explain that I don't have any medical training and I often don't know what the magnified anatomical, cellular and body system images I see during healings are. At times it feels like I 'travel' into organs, fluids and cells, I have 360° vision and during those moments I can't feel my body. Interestingly, some clients can't feel my hands, or feel other hands placed on them.

I will also explain that I see two bodies: the physical body and an energy/light body overlaid or within the physical body. That body is the one the healers in spirit are working on. In extreme cases I'll see surgery performed on the light body. I used to wonder if what I was seeing was just an image created by my mind, until clients started to tell me that they had felt someone massaging them, they had been rolled over when they hadn't, and a doctor had experienced surgery on the table. She had felt internal movements and nerves being manipulated.

I also have a conversation with you in my mind. I hear two voices: one of those voices I describe as your soul talking to me, the other is your mind or the information stored in your energy field. Some clients believe I can read minds because what I've heard and then said to them is what they were thinking. For me, mind, spirit, and consciousness are the same. Often the conversation in my mind is personal, the information I get is private, and sometimes difficult to hear. Sometimes what I hear I don't share; I speak when spirit directs me to. During an in-person healing, the act of speaking accelerates the healing. If I'm guided to, I'll talk about violence, abuse, intimacy, and your most private thoughts. You don't have to respond and I always honour your privacy. I respect that it can be confronting to hear these things from a stranger.

Every client will get a partial or full reading. I prefer to do my readings with the client on the table. I can do them seated or with an audience, but the healing vibration is always switched on and, if you need to relax and drift off to sleep, it's more comfortable to do so lying down.

For readings I can't script who comes. Sometimes the spirit you wish to hear from is absent. Be willing to provide feedback. I will ask questions and often the question is the answer. “Is your father in spirit?” He may not be, but I am with the father's side of the family. I have his father. When you respond more information comes. I don't always hear names accurately – 50/50 – and I'll describe this to you. I get the letter associated with a name or a name that sounds similar: Gary, Barry, Harry, when I'm looking for Larry. Recently I heard 'C' over and over; the name was Nancy. 

Usually I'll communicate with spirit, family and friends, at the start of the healing. There will be connections with similar vibrations of emotion, injury and illness. To heal you I also have to heal spirit.

During readings, I see the past and present and sometimes the future, but I'm not a fortune teller. I'm an evidential medium (I share accurate information about spirit) and healer.

I may see past life images that need healing to facilitate healing in you. I'll share those if you still have your eyes open.

I also often communicate with guides and angels that are specific to you. If this happens I'll also share this with you.

For medical healings I'm usually quiet, but there will still be a partial reading. I will see healing guides – shamans, surgeons, indigenous healers from all cultures, healers from all periods of time, angels – in the room. I'll spend a lot of time on the illness or injury and at your head. I'll place both hands on the crown or side of your head.

If you have a serious illness I'd like to see you 3 – 4 times in succession: daily or 2 – 4 days apart. I have had immediate results with one healing, but I've noticed a response similar to an 'echo' where symptoms and pain return. I'm honest abut the times I've been unsuccessful, and I don't know what will occur during a healing and after until it does, but my feeling is, what have you got to loose? The chance to be healthy is priceless.

I'm also able to do distant healngs if you're unable to see me in person or attend a follow up session. Distant healing's are sometimes more powerful than in person healing's, but it's difficult to determine why: faith, being in your home environment, issues around personal space are eliminated, the mind to mind connection is freed from the physical body, it could be all or none of these reasons. Despite the distance 'physical' contact and responses still occur, which is an example of the potential of consciousness or proof that our physicality is also non-physical.

If you have any questions, please ask, and I'll try to answer them for you.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

EB Article - We Are More Powerful Than We Believe

We are more powerful than we believe.
We’re super heroes, X-Men, and our super power is consciousness. We affect our environment, our family’s lives, the Earth’s population, and future generations. We can manipulate the weather, nature, inanimate objects, and living cells. We’re time travellers, silver surfers, Gods!
We’re so busy trying to control our minds we’ve forgotten that we were once masters of our minds. Before I speak and move to embrace you, my mind is sending you a message, “I love you.” We’re each the centre of the same universe.
We can only love when we have found the truth within us. We can only be great when we simply be us. It’s not enough to emulate or to follow others. Lead. Be a creator, not the created. We’re not separate from God or greatness, we are, I am (insert your name).
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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

EB Article - Soul Healing Through Awareness & Action

On my father’s wall is a photo of my step-mother’s nephew. He died in a single vehicle car crash on the same corner and one metre from where his father had died. Both men, father and son, had been heavy drinkers, and both were drunk when they had the car accidents. This is another tragic example of a habitual frequency in the energy fields of family members. I’m certain that in previous generations there’d be other men who had died while drunk.
I also believe that if the son hadn’t had any contact with his father it’s still possible his life would’ve ended the same way. The father’s ‘tension’ is vibrating in the son’s field. All the tragedy in his father’s life had manifested in his own. The love and support around him went unnoticed and wasn’t enough to alter his journey. Two things would’ve have saved him: awareness and action. Both functions are functions of our physicality. Action and awareness – AA  – are passive vibrations in consciousness. Present, not purposeful.
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Thursday, 6 October 2011

I Am a Healer … & the Defender of Pooh

Recently, a good friend got into a stoush on FB, which is never a good idea, about calling one self a healer. My friend is a gentle soul, he reminds me of Pooh bear, and, although he speaks up for himself and others, arguing with him is like cutting in front of old ladies with weak bladders to use the restroom first.

It's common in energy healing circles for people to describe the process of healing as channelling. I don't agree. We're not channelling the healing vibration, we are the healing vibration. We're not channelling God, we're God. Gods! And Xmen. Calling myself a plumber isn't egotistical, but, apparently, calling myself a healer is.

There is no science to energy healing, because as soon as we research it, we alter the process. Creation. There is only the experience, without perception and interpretation, that has occurred in the past. I can heal like Jesus because his actions, intention, thoughts, and the-sexiest-body-odour-in-the-world remain as consciousness, and in the field of Life. I can become his experience because my body isn't solid, but an infinite range of vibration – light – a field of nothing that we cannot perceive or grasp, but what we are and everything is.

I'm a healer, I'm able to heal. I'm also a writer, and sometimes I write poorly, unless you've never seen or had the experience of writing. Then, depending on your level of fear or wonder, I'm a master or a freak. But, I always heal, not well or poorly, I simply heal. Healing is the science of nothing, the absence of the idea and form of nothing. Nothing. Ponder that you 'ego' slinging hypocrites. Oh bugger, that's ego.

Everything we think healing is is a belief system. Write a new story. Don't heal like me, Jesus, Mohammad – yes he was a healer – ascended masters, angels, or Santa Claus. Heal like you.

The world is filled with people marketing something. I'm doing it. I'm marketing my story, but this belief that we channel energy, spirit, God, really needs to be quashed. I'm aware that I'm like everyone else, that I have an opinion and experience that's my own. This doesn't make me right, but if you're going to argue the point with me make sure you have the evidence to back it up. Don't tell me that everything is connected – source energy, God, consciousness – and then separate 'you' from healing.

Too many people in spiritual, new age, alternative fields are talking about things they have no idea about or experience with. Vulnerable hurt people seek us out, and it's these people I'm writing for today.

Tomorrow I'll heal differently, tell a new story, and this is something Gegu and spirit have encouraged me to do. Spirit aren't teaching me, they're helping me to remember who I am, and they want me to be a creator not a copier.

And please, don't argue with Pooh bear.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm Still On Holiday & Orakei Korako

 Everywhere we go it's rugby world cup fever!
 You travel to Orakei Korako by ferry.

 Don't forget the little attractions.

 Just add a tea-bag :)
 Those blue pools are crystal clear.
 Mud bath!
 Look left & right on the track.
 A sleeping giant returning to the earth -- please don't disturb.
 Zebra trees? Kamahi
Where'd I park the car?

I'll be home next week, call in and I'll put the kettle on :)

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I'm At My Dads!

Hey everyone. I'm in Te kaha New Zealand visiting my dad for a week. I'll not be online for a few days as I'll be fishing and enjoying the view. I love you guys. Take care and I'll talk soon.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

From My Family to Yours

 For me, life is about remembering and honouring the sacrifices and glory of our ancestors. We should not trespass on their memories, we are here because they were here first.

 Against incredible odds they paved the way for the lifestyles we enjoy today.

 They didn't have time to admire the majestic landscapes they toiled,

and, unknowingly, they destroyed delicate ecosystems, but without these pioneers we'd not have the resources to restore the earth.

To do this we must work together, build strong foundations,

and not overlook the little things

 that hold everything together.

If we're only awed by majesty and celebrity

we'll miss the beauty our steps trample,

we'll not notice that our children teach us how to love,

or that we need to love our boys, and encourage them to express their love out loud.

We must let our girls be whatever they choose to be,

teach them the joy of laughter,

and instill in them the confidence to be brave in the dark.

Show them beautiful things

and hold them with gentle hands.

When we love each other, every moment is a gift. From my family to yours.

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