Friday 20 May 2011

Do You Want To?

There are many misconceptions about energy and spiritual healing. The biggest one, I believe, is that healing is a divine process. Often, people who work with spirit, in this field, separate light and darkness, love and ego, consciousness and Christ consciousness, and yet they preach, ego is the illusion we exist as a separate being. Apparently, the ego mind's function is separation, judgement, and fear, which is the creed, although they'd deny it, of many light workers—that title makes me cringe.

It's fair to say that I have a system of healing that's unique to me. I break everyone else's rules. I see Jesus' spirit and communicate with him in an unrecorded way: he's a simple man, his body odour smells great, he's talked to me about the violence and fear in his life, his imperfect family—like most families—and that he didn't want anyone to worship him or to start a church.

He talked to me about those things because I can heal the energy around those events, and I believed him. When I work with spirit, I want the real Jesus to stand beside me, and I believe that's what happened in my life in 2000.

No matter how many times I tell people I'm a regular guy, they perceive me not to be. Yes, I now have extraordinary experiences with spirit, but I've lived a regular and at time tumultuous life. The emotion and pain in my past doesn't affect my ability to heal, it enhances it. Sitting on a mountain top glowing with light doesn't heal anybody.

Does love heal? How about a parent's love for their child? If it was just love then I'm certain sick children would heal. We love our children, right? What about God's love, source energy, angels, and ascended masters? Don't they love us? Something is missing. The Dalai Lama loves Tibet, but he can't go home. Jesus loves Israel and it's people, but his homeland is a war zone.

If healing isn't successful then it must be something else: a soul contract, karma, or some other esoteric concept we've gleaned from conversations with spirit, ourselves, and the bogeyman. What if healers are responsible, what if our healing modalities and techniques are inadequate? What if we have no idea what we're really doing? I've met lots of healers who claim they know what they're doing and yet their results are minimal or non-existent.

Increasingly, I meet spiritual people who talk about love and compassion, but don't practice it. I don't want to be described or perceived as a spiritualist, so I try to keep myself small. The creating power of consciousness and spirit is vast, but I am small: I make mistakes, I can be impatient, cranky, tough to live with—regular!

Gegu, my guide, and Jesus have told me that my uncle Harry, who is in spirit, is just as powerful a healer as Jesus. What's that spirit dudes, an ordinary man can heal? You don't need a PHD, or accreditation to heal. You don't need to see/sense spirit, angels, demons, energy fields, and you don't need to be psychic or intuitive. Those things will manifest in time.

I believe there is only one thing you need to be able to heal a stranger and that's the answer to this question: do you want to? Know this though, you will not be in control. The creating force of consciousness, the client's soul is in control, healers are observers. The healer's role is important, but it is the smallest part of the process.

Talk soon. 

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  1. Hey Simon. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

    Nicole :)

  2. Yes! It is all about intention, commitment.

    My personal belief is that healers, psychics, mediums etc are the by product of going somewhere else. The somewhere else is Divine. We must just chop wood, carry water and BE.

  3. Hi Simon,
    I want to and I do..
    I agree with Natalie..intention and commitment..
    Labels help us as humans "categorize" something to help us understand it..but labels separate..
    I think healing scares some people as much as suffering scares others..if we eliminate fear we just 'are'..magnificent, perfect, beauty filled..and that is hard for some to process past the conditioning they've received..
    Thank you for the work that you do and the inspiration that you provide through sharing..
    Love is a great place to our hearts past love and into infinite possibility:)

  4. Perhaps whenever there is a connection between two beings, there then is healing and a revitalization. However, because of this, it takes two to create a channel for energy and spirit to flow. So there has to be trust and a dropping of any guards or shields. There is a real truce to receive truth.

    And so healing can be accomplished by everyone by being honest and loving.

    Words too are energy and they too can heal if they unlock a jumbled mind. However, an energy healer deals with matters of the heart where emotions are released for someone to feel brand new.

  5. Accepting the power we have over our own lives, and our own healing, is difficult for "normal" people to do. It means unbearable accountability to ourselves. It's much easier to be the victim, blame others, marvel at what a Non-regular man or woman can do, and call them miracles. Then the victim can lay claim to the wonderous event while denying their own power and strength.

    It can be fearful to open one's heart to the splendor that is all of life. Heck, as children we're taught to fear god, etc. No wonder the majority of the world's people are unable to connect with their own power and healing.

    Love of self is not selfish love.

  6. Simon,
    Don't worry I don't have you on a pedestal! Sometimes it's not the soul's intention to be healed in this life time. I like the word 'light worker.' It's sounds happy and peaceful to me. I also believe love heals...always. Maybe not on the physical level or the way we want it to...but love does heal, always.

  7. Hi Simon

    You know the first "problem" I see is that we are all talking about love, and think we are all talking about the same thing, but we are not. It is like the example I use with the word healthy. So many people use it, but their definition of it is so different.

    So when it comes to parents and children...oooh, don't get me started on this one. I think most, and I do mean most parent's love is very biased and conditional towards their children. Why can a stranger heal a child, rather then the parent themselves, because the parent has a vested interest in it, and the healer normally doesn't. They just show up and allow spirit to work through them, unattached to the outcome.

    As for in general, I think the biggest thing about energy healing is that many people in our world are just starting to wake up to these arenas and thus don't fully understand its power, potential and impact. So yes, it scares them, and scares them a lot.

    Good news, we live and learn, and live and learn and live and learn.... ;)