Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Energy Healing Benefits Sexual Health and Increases Libido

This is a common health response to experience after a healing session with me, but this is the first time a client has provided written testimonial.
Numerous women experience varying states of arousal during healings and some orgasm. There are many reasons for this, but one is a suppressed libido. I’m not qualified to talk about sexual health, but orgasms are good for our physical and emotional health. In a healing session, orgasms release and heal past, present and generational stresses and traumas.
I know that some women will hesitate to book a healing session with me for fear of having an orgasm or experiencing any degree of arousal, but it’s important that I disclose that it may occur. It’s been on the Healing Responses page on my website since my website went online. 90% of my clients are women, but some men have gotten erections during healing sessions.
I’m professional and respectful when these things occur, and sometimes I don’t know it’s happened until clients talk about it.
There’ll be a chapter about this in my next book. 
 I’m grateful for J’s candid and refreshing testimonial.    

I’m writing to share a surprising, but welcomed change I’ve experienced since seeing you for a session. When I went to see you, I did so out of curiosity and didn’t really have anything specific I wanted to work on. While I felt wonderful immediately after our session, it was a few weeks later that I noticed this one specific change. I now have a healthy libido! 
I know this is a topic people don’t usually talk about, but I also know that so many women suffer with having a low or a non-existent libido so I wanted to share a little of my experience.
I don’t remember exactly when it started, but it was sometime in my early 20’s (I'll be 40 next year). I’ve always enjoyed sex, but at some point I just lost interest in having it. My body just felt like it didn’t want it anymore. A few times a month, usually in connection to certain parts of my menstrual cycles, I would have a day or two where I’d have a normal level of interest, but generally it wasn’t something I felt regularly. 
I’d think about sex, but I’d get caught up in work and home stress and just let it go without acting on it. If my husband and I had sex a few times a month we were doing good. I’d masturbate to relieved stress and to help me fall asleep, but that wasn’t frequent either and often took so long I would feel worn out. 
My husband has always been very understanding, but I feel this lack of interest lead him to not initiate sex often because my interest in it was just so infrequent. I think he did this out of respect for me, but I felt stressed about it because I knew he wanted and needed that intimacy more frequently. It also made me feel less desirable and less attractive at times.
Well I am happy to report that all is well with our sex life! I now have interest in sex multiple times a week. My orgasms are easier to get and stronger than before. I am learning more about my body through self-pleasure, which helps my husband and I both get more out of our sex life. I had a discussion with my husband about how much better my sex drive is and how I’d like for him to initiate sex more. He was happy to listen. 
Sexual health is so important for women’s health, for our bodies and minds, and for our intimate relationships. I feel sexier and more desirable than ever before. I have more motivation to keep healthy too because I feel so much better about myself. 
I know it may seem odd that an increased libido could have such an affect, but for me it has. 
Thank you, Simon, for removing the blocks and repairing what was needed to give me my groove back!  Much love to you.

J ~ California, USA
When I'm not doing healings and readings, I fish with my son

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Monday, May 30, 2016

PMS was a monthly burden that I suffered through for two weeks … not anymore!

Thank you, Michelle, for this testimonial.

When I went to see Simon, while he was visiting the US, I went without any real expectations. I was interested in seeing him because I had read that he was a medical intuitive and a friend of mine mentioned he was going to go see him. I had a great session, but it would be roughly a week later that I started to realize some of the additional benefits from the session.
I’ve had hormone issues since I was a teenager. I spent the last few years trying to figure out how to balance them because the symptoms I was experiencing were too many to even list and I didn’t want to live life feeling the way I was.  I knew my hormone imbalance played a large part in the lack of health I was feeling. My hormone testing never revealed any imbalance, even though I know my past miscarriage was from having low progesterone levels. I supplemented on my own with progesterone and managed to have two healthy full term pregnancies after that. I suffered from borderline hypothyroid issues, but my symptoms were more in line with a more moderate imbalance, again even though my blood work only showed it was borderline hypo. PMS was a monthly burden that I suffered through for two weeks: icepick headaches, sore breasts, heart palpitations, horrible mood swings, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, fatigue, sleep disturbances, low libido, weight fluctuations, bloating, nausea, and cramping.  My periods, while pretty normal, were painful for two of the five days. It felt like my insides were falling out. I had to take Advil to get through the day. I would feel a definitive shift in how I felt the two weeks leading up to my period.  I had trouble keeping up and I also didn’t have the energy to exercise at the same pace I normally would. I’d go from being able to run to needing to only walk because I just didn’t have the stamina.
Shortly after seeing Simon in person, I noticed that I was no longer craving carbohydrates or sugar. I started losing weight (10lbs so far! Previously I struggled to maintain my weight even with a good diet and exercise), my energy levels were consistent throughout the day, my hair wasn’t falling out anymore and I felt very balanced and happy.
I’ve had some additional distance sessions with Simon and my PMS is now barely noticeable! All of the symptoms I used to suffer from are all but gone. I’m no longer supplementing for my hormones or taking hypothyroid medication. I feel healthy, energetic, balanced and I’m elated at the results! My libido has improved and my eyelashes are even growing back! I'm also not experiencing the same neck, wrist, and knee pain I was having before. I just finished my second cycle since my treatment and it was great again. I know that they will continue to improve. Thank you Simon for all that you’ve done! I feel so much better! 

Michelle ~ Delaware, USA

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Can’t do up your bra strap? Energy healing can help with that

I’m grateful to have received this testimonial from Katrina. The seated healing was done after Katrina and husband, my PA, Tracey and I had eaten dinner together. I’ve done many successful healings in relaxed social situations. The relaxed environment and the unexpectedness of being offered a healing contribute to the result.
During Katrina’s first session we had concentrated on messages and information from spirit. Katrina is interested in her genealogy and was excited to hear from many generations of spirit.
Clients influence the outcome and flow of healings and readings. In some sessions spirit and I can negate any restrictive influences, but not always. It’s important for clients to relax and respond honestly and positively during sessions.
A limiting factor to some healings is that clients want a reading as well as a healing. The frequencies of, I want, and I want more, are restrictive.
During the healing I saw anatomical and cellular images: muscle fibers, the fibrils that compose fibers, tendons, the bones in neck and shoulder, bone marrow, fascia, and nerve fibers. I felt popping under my hands and heard crunching stretching sounds. I watched tiny crystals break up and flow down tubules. As I have no medical training, I don’t understand most of what I see.
I felt like I was rocking side to side and backwards and forwards, but I was probably still. I rock when experiencing vibratory changes. The movement is caused by a rhythmic magnetic—it feels magnetic—pulse.  

Nearly two years ago, I somehow injured my left shoulder. I’m not sure what I did, but basically the joint had frozen. This meant that day to day tasks such as dressing, doing my hair, carrying groceries, getting dressed, even doing up my bra was an impossible task. I lay awake at night with pain, quite often in tears and for the last eight months, along with mild sedatives to help me sleep, I’ve take pain relief during the night.
I’m sure my husband was sick of hearing me complain! We used to rock and roll dance, but my shoulder pain meant that I could not do any moves and any sudden jarring to my shoulder was hell. I even had to give up golf and I had bought new clubs.
I must mention that I had also had a hyper dilatation done at the local medical clinic. This is where, whilst inside an MRI, they inject cortisone and saline into the joint to break the tissue apart; a really horrible experience and not one that I would want to repeat. I did improve slightly after that procedure, but could only extend my arm about 70 - 80%, which was much better than the 50 – 60% that I had been living with. I still had a dull ache and it felt like the joint was still stuck. I tried several forms of treatment before this: acupuncture, massage therapy and inflammation patches.
I met Simon in Bendigo and had a brief healing as well as a reading in March 2015.  When Simon mentioned that he might come to Shepparton in June 2015 I was keen to see him again and see what he could do with my shoulder. I had read on his website of others telling how they were healed by Simon.
So when I saw him in June 2015, he told me to sit in front of him on a chair, whilst he sat behind me and placed his hands on my sore shoulder.  Whilst he was healing me, I felt like I was doing circle work in my chair, and felt even a little dizzy, like I was rocking – quite an odd sensation.  I asked my husband later, if I was moving during the healing and he said no – I was just sitting perfectly still. 
The next day, I thought that I would try and raise my arm fully and noticed that I had a slight improvement, and then the next day, did it again and by the third day, I could fully extend my arm above my head 100%. I came out grinning like a Cheshire cat to show my husband and guess what, no pain at all. I could even put my arm behind my back to do up my bra strap. Something I had not been able to do for quite some time! 
Did I say, no pain, and I no longer have a lopsided ponytail! 
So now, thanks to Simon, we can go dancing and I am looking forward to that first game of golf. Let’s hope Simon has improved my game! 
I have stopped all pain medication for my shoulder, and MAN OH MAN does it feel wonderful to have my life back.
Can’t thank you enough Simon. You are the best.

Thanks, Katrina.

Kangaroo tracks on Lake Reeve, Gippsland, VIC, Australia

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Positive Health Response Improves Vision — Kidney Health, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration

I’m grateful to have received this testimonial from a client. C has diabetes, was blind and is waiting for a donor kidney. His health response after one in-person healing session was extraordinary.
C’s mum assisted him to walk into the house I was performing healings and readings in. During the session, C listened to everything I said. It was a brutally honest conversation. Honesty, courage and faith create change.
I’ve been advised, C continues to have further health improvement.
Thank you, C and mum.

C’s testimonial

I have not been in hospital since I saw you, which is amazing as I usually go in for weeks at a time. When I come out it’s only for about two or three days. The doctors are saying, ‘What’s going on C?’ I only had that one incident [after his session, C slipped/collapsed] as I left the house at Henley Beach.
I have gastro paresis, which prevents me from going to the loo, for a number two, on a regular basis. I would usually go about three times in a fortnight, but now I go every day. I would also leak a lot and have accidents but haven’t! 
I also pee more now. As the kidneys aren’t working, I’d only pee once a day. The fluid retention has decreased. I weighed around 85 kg when I saw you and now I’m 73 kg and I’m staying at that weight. My weight would usually go up and down, but never down that far or stay as low it is now.
The most noticeable thing for me is my eyesight. I had no vision in one eye and only a little bit of shadow movement in the other. I had a small operation on that to wash out the back of my eye as it had accumulated blood there. Because I take warfarin at quite a high dose, I can now see out of that eye; not perfect but well.
I’ve also noticed that the macular degeneration dot in that eye is smaller. I have mac degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Again at the check up, the eye surgeon said the operation would only help with the pain in the eye and not make my vision better. The eye chart test confused them and I don’t think he believed me. [C has partial vision now and it’s improving] He probably thought I had memorised the chart! Overall I feel pretty good, which I’ve not been able to say in a really long time. I have better quality sleep and I’m more motivated to do stuff throughout the day.
I have also been getting some morning glory. Ha ha ha. That part of the anatomy has not been working for a very long time, so that is a huge surprise [huge? Really C?].
I had my renal specialist appointment this week and he is amazed and confused. My kidney function has dropped from 20% to 13%, which would result in the start of dialysis, but all other results say, not yet. My blood pressure is also close to normal, which is strange. That alone changes the look on the face of whoever takes it. They usually panic, but not lately.
I feel pretty good considering all that is going on with my health. At the renal appointment the Dr. was surprised that I felt ok. That was weird.
I think a lot of the names that were coming through are from my dad’s side of the family. I will have to ask him when I see him. Mum knew some of the names. You were spot on with so much and as time went on the more I remembered. Pretty good!
Thank you for the extra healings [I’ve been doing ongoing distant healings when I meditate] you have been doing for me. Seeing you has made a real difference to each day, and I hope to see you again. Tracey does a great massage too. I felt fantastic for ages and my back is still good. I wondered if the massage also helped with the fluid movement.
Cheers, C

Tracey’s massage definitely helped to move the fluid. Tracey often travels with me and we offer a package price for a 75 minute session with me and an hour massage with Tracey. Tracey gets good results with clients who have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis. My experience has been that massage for those conditions often results in further pain. I believe that no matter what you come to see me for, a massage with Tracey, or chatting with her, will enhance and accelerate healing.
Tracey is an exceptional healer. I’m aware of the spirit guides and healers that work with her. Through connection and friendship, the healing process is heightened. Healing is improved through honesty and openness between client and healer, and amongst healers/people.
Similar to the (supposed) outcome of attunements in other energy-healing modalities, being in proximity to, contact with or being curious about me will activate a healing vibration. My work with spirit has enabled that to happen. Truthfully, I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’ve been notified of numerous incidences that support this.
I’m a better healer because Tracey is my friend. I’m also a successful healer because clients trust me. Clients become healers.

C’s mum said:
·      Lost fluid weight /staying off
·      Eyesight improved in one eye
·      Toilet habits changed for the better
·      Happier in himself
·      Colour has improved/looks healthier
·      Is able to walk further and for longer
·      Appetite is better
·      Skin rashes have cleared up not returned
·      Does not sleep through the day anymore
·      Has been in touch with old friends. Before seeing you, Simon, he did not see anyone, but dad, brothers and me.
·      Is now confident talking to the medical teams who work with him
·      Has started taking care of his own business
·      Has stopped telling me the same thing five times a day. Now says, ‘I told you that already didn’t I?’

Since his healing, C has had a few friends visit. This is amazing, as no one seemed to care and now they are all popping up. C was very popular and had hundreds of friends he always kept in touch with. Now that he can see a little, and with the help of his RSB (Royal Society for the Blind) projector, C is back on FB. I’ve been able to take him shopping for clothes. Sounds small but in his world, huge!
The Monash transplant team has told C the artery in the leg they need to be able to plug the kidney into at transplant is calcified, so they won’t be able to use it. I asked what happens if the other leg has the same problem. The answer, ‘no transplant.’ Another ultrasound will be done to see if the other side is okay. Fingers crossed.
[I’m editing this while flying to Melbourne. When I read this, I closed my eyes and did a distant healing on C’s vascular system. I saw arteries, calcification and images that encourage me to believe C’s vascular system has improved]
I guess the outcome of that will be the test for C. He can choose amazing palliative care to exit this life or go on dialysis indefinitely. He will choose dialysis. 
The thickness of C’s blood is controlled by the warfarin. Due to poor kidneys, his blood becomes really thick. Due to strokes and heart attacks that have already occurred, they have to thin his blood. At the moment it’s okay, but recently it was 1.3 of normal, which is too thick. They increased the meds slightly. I thought that’s not going to do much, but it went to 5.3, which is too thin. Everyone panic! A normal blood test resulted in panic by the blood nurse and confusion for the docs.
C say’s he feels much better even though he knows the tests say otherwise. He tells me, thanks to you, he is very grateful for all the well days he has.
He also said you pop into his head at the most random times [this is common. Clients pop into my head too and I do further healing], and in those moments he relaxes and thinks about healing. Looking forward to your next visit, C's mum 

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