Monday, September 18, 2017

Colonoscopy? If I’m wrong, what have you got to lose?

I’ve advised many clients to see doctors because I’ve been worried about images I’m seeing or information spirit is sharing during healings and readings. Not every client has done so and some have later required surgery or became terminally ill. I’ve no medical training or accreditation, but if I see something that concerns me during your session, please see a doctor. If I’m wrong, what have you got to lose?
I’ve been able to successfully heal many illnesses and conditions countless times, but despite my confidence and past successes I advise everyone to seek traditional medical consultation. Outcomes are unpredictable and alternative health practitioners shouldn’t dismiss traditional health care or offer medical advice.

Thalia, thanks for the testimonial. 

I saw Simon for the second time in September 2015. During my session he spent quite a lot of time on my health. Simon said I had two polyps and ‘something else’ going on. He was very insistent and said he couldn’t emphasize enough how important it was for me to get a colonoscopy done. He also said he believed I could turn my health around with [a healthier] diet. I had been continually dieting and was very unkind to myself.  I had been to the surgeon earlier that year as I was due for a routine colonoscopy but the guidelines had changed to 5 years and with no symptoms the surgeon said there was no need to do it.  A few weeks after I had seen Simon I had a small bleed and went to the doctor again. He thought it was nothing serious, probably a hemorrhoid, but agreed with me that a colonoscopy was in order.  In November 2015 I had a colonoscopy and there were indeed two polyps and also a 6 cm tumor on my rectal wall.
I immediately started healing meditation at least once every day and took processed sugar out of my diet. Six weeks later I had continuous chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 6 weeks. After the treatment I also stopped eating red meat, processed meats, dairy and wheat and included good quality natural supplements into my daily routine.  Scans and biopsies have shown I am now clear of the cancer and today I am 18 kg lighter and feel better than I have in 20 years. I am so thankful to Simon for giving me that information and that I followed it up. What an amazing person.  He has given me my life back and so much more.  Thanks so much Simon for everything.

Thalia Fowler ~ Port Lincoln

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The Disciple

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Reading Testimonial "It is very intimate having a reading with you."

Grateful to have received this message and testimonial from a US client during my flight home. A lovely surprise when I landed and turned my phone on.
Thank you, Theresa! 
I wanted to reach out to you, and express how profoundly affected I was from my healing and reading! 
I have had two sessions with you thus far, and cannot believe what an amazing connection transpired. 
Your messages were so accurate. It was simply amazing. You knew things that had occurred throughout my life that I have never shared with anyone. I appreciate your candor and compassion in relaying the messages from my many family members who came through. 20+ and counting at this point!
It is very intimate having a reading with you. Much like letting a stranger read all your most private thoughts. You do this with such dignity and respect.
I want to thank you for helping me on my life's path, and for the messages you shared. 
Respectfully yours, Theresa

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Soul Healing Integration Introductory Workshop Testimonial

I, with fellow soul healer Michelle Buss, presented this workshop in North East, MD on the recent Mid-Atlantic US tour. I’m grateful to have received testimonial from Kate, who attended the workshop. As shared by attendees, these types of experiences and outcomes occur at all my events, but rarely do people give written testimonial. For perspective, I’ve included the marketing description of the event.

When I met Kate at the start of the workshop I knew something significant would occur. At one point, while Michelle was talking, I placed my hands on Kate’s shoulders. This lasted no more than five minutes.

Thank you, Kate!

Here are some things I have noticed (and feel free to use these as testimonials). 

For about a month or more prior to the workshop, my bilateral psoas’ were so tight it was debilitating. I was unable to jog as I normally do (probably part of the problem!). The tension and pain was interfering with walking, standing and sleeping.  About one day following the workshop, the psoas issue vanished.  

I have suffered with chronic asthma since I was 3 years old.  Typically, I use a rescue inhaler daily.  I have not used the inhaler once since the workshop.

My heart raced from the moment I entered the workshop until departure.  Also, my eyes were tearing for most of the workshop.  There was a palpable ‘buzz’ to the room.  

When Simon confronted me personally, I felt his honesty at my very core.  

For approximately 36 hours following the workshop I felt as though I was floating.  I was in constant communication with my ‘new’ spirit guide [introduced] from Simon’s first facilitated meditation.

I hope these [observations] are helpful. I’ve only placed my hands on one person this week so I can’t really speak of changes in my practice yet. I have no doubt that it will be significant.


Soul Healing Integration Introductory Workshop

Expand what you see, expand what you feel, and expand what you know

Why an introductory workshop?

The most important part of energy healing success is the practitioner’s relationship with personal spirit guides. This workshop’s primary focus is to reconnect attendees with (healing) spirit guides and open pathways of communication. This improves access to information and universal healing vibrations beneficial to positive health outcomes in clients. Everyone has the opportunity to be spirit trained, and this workshop will help facilitate that.

Who can attend?

Everyone: practitioners of alternative and allopathic modalities of healing, veterinarians, animal communicators, psychic mediums, or anyone curious about spirit and energy healing.

What to expect:

Healer and medium, Simon Hay, will talk about the series of events he experienced with spirit that lead him to be a healer and medium. He’ll share successful healing stories to strengthen belief in energy healing, discuss belief systems that limit positive healing outcomes and spirit connection, empower you to believe that you can be a healer, and attune you to his spirit team’s healing vibration.

Through uniquely guided meditation, Simon will introduce you to spirit guides, instruct how to remote view and shift your consciousness. These altered-state experiences attune to spirit and universal healing vibrations.

Q and A: Your questions about soul healing/energy healing and working with spirit will be answered.

The workshop will improve intuition, mediumship and spirit communication.

Advancement in knowledge helps us be catalysts for creating our own personal learning experiences

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Positive Outcome Healing Fibromyalgia

I’m always grateful to receive testimonial from clients. Thank you, Debb!
I first saw Simon nearly 2 years ago when I was 42. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 7 years earlier and the condition was becoming so acute that some of my family members were sure that I would be in a wheelchair within a couple of years. The pain in my joints and feet was horrendous and to even walk 5 metres without soft-soled padded shoes would cause aching and sharp shooting pains through my feet and up my legs. Grocery shopping had become a thing of the past. I would either order online for delivery or send the kids in with a shopping list. If I peeled vegetables or cut anything in the kitchen I would end up in tears from the pain in my fingers and wrists. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and anyone with fibromyalgia knows all about the agony of getting out of bed in the mornings as the pain seems to be so much worse when you are resting, which is a catch 22 because it is also agony to exercise.
The Doctors had me on all sorts of pain medications that weren’t working very well but were still better than no medications at all! I don’t know what made me book an appointment with Simon as I had never seen a healer, thought about seeing a healer or knew of anyone else that had – it wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Talking to my mother on the phone one evening I had joked to her that I was at the end of it, I couldn’t handle the constant pain anymore and the only thing left to do before going onto morphine pain patches was to see a healer. I didn’t know where the idea had come from but it took hold and I Googled, healer in Brisbane. Simon’s web page was the first one that came up and after reading his information I booked an appointment online.
I didn’t know what to expect at that first appointment and to be honest wasn’t really expecting much at all. I didn’t feel anything extraordinary when I was at the appointment, it was peaceful and calming and Simon told me that he thought he could help. I was just enjoying feeling peaceful.
I left the appointment and drove home and wasn’t in pain which felt a bit odd. I actually felt great. All night there was no pain. I didn’t take my multitude of tablets that night, had a decent sleep and woke up in the morning still with no pain! The only side effect was that within a day or two of that first appointment I was an emotional wreck. I would wake up crying and go to sleep crying and my eyes would just leak all day and I had no idea why. I booked in to see Simon for a follow up appointment and at the end of that hour I felt calm, peaceful and euphoric all at the same time and felt something had settled in me.
I have never taken another tablet for the fibromyalgia, now walk barefoot everywhere I can, cook up a storm in the kitchen and all pain free which I find astounding. I feel so grateful that I had such a positive response in just the first session and the changes in my life since then have been wonderful.
I’ve continued to see Simon since then and sent several friends to see him. A friend of a friend saw Simon and he told her that she had a friend called Nicole. He told her that her friend Nicole should get a breast check-up. Her friend told Nicole this, she did the breast screen and it was discovered that she had aggressive breast cancer in both breasts, which she had no idea about. She has now had a double mastectomy and is cancer free.
I can’t thank Simon enough for the dramatic and positive changes in my life and the life of my kids. I am so grateful and happy now. I encourage anyone to see Simon, be open and trusting (he’s pretty trustworthy). There’s nothing to lose and it could possibly change your life in ways you never knew.
Debb - Brisbane

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Bi-location? I’m everywhere!

Over the last decade, many clients have contacted me and described ‘seeing’ me in their homes. Ghostlike, I materialize and, most times, the person seeing me experiences healing sensations, but this is the first time I’ve received a testimonial about the experience.

Clients have also described being embraced, have woken and seen me beside their beds, have seen my reflection in glass windows and doors, have heard my voice, have described my photo on my website moving, and have found laptops and tablets turned on and my website page open.

I’m surprised these experiences happen, as I’m not consciously doing it or thinking about it. During distant healings I’m ‘with’ clients, but this is different.

Thank you, Eleanor, for sharing.   

It is said that once you decide to go on a vision quest or open yourself up to something greater the Universe gives you a nod. As soon as I found out that Simon Hay was going to be visiting my area I decided it was time to see who this guy is and what he is all about. I am not one to jump on the bandwagon, I like to take time to see if it is right for me before I jump. This time the Universe said jump, so I did.

This sounds like the beginning of a pretty good story but all I really want to tell anyone who does decided to read this is that crazy shit happens when you take the leap. Crazy but not crazy at all if you believe that we are all connected, like the threads of a spiders web. And like spider web when something happens on the web it is felt throughout the web.

So understanding that we are all connected I shouldn’t have been surprised about what happened when I was walking down the organic isle of the grocery store. Exactly one week before Simon would touch down in Philadelphia I met Simon for the first time. Prior to this, I’d hear the name Gegu and feel a great presence. By this time I knew that Gegu is Simon’s guide. Other people have also mentioned they have randomly heard Gegu’s name and described feeling him. I get this funny image of Gegu scoping people out and reporting back to Simon.

I’m sure you want to know what happened in the organic isle of the grocery store. To some this may not be that crazy, but to me it was simply because Simon and I had never met. Here is the story: I ran into the store to pick up a few things and like I do, forgot my grocery list, and was all over the store. I back-tracked to the organic isle and as soon as I made the turn I noticed the energy shift, it was sudden and strong. I paused to figure out what the hell was going on, then I noticed. Over my right shoulder I could see Simon out of the corner of my eye as if he was there shopping with me. I started laughing, that’s my natural reaction to high energy. I started talking to Simon as if he was fully there with me. I’m sure the poor young demo guy that was trying to get unsuspecting customers to try the latest organic cereal probably thought I was as nutty as the cereal he was pushing.

Our conversation was basically, me: Simon why are you here? Simon: (without actually saying anything) he said something like, just taking the mic, basically screwing with you. If I wasn’t so close to granola boy and in the middle of the grocery store I would have busted out laughing. I decided not to because I really wanted to spend my night at home and not in a mental hospital. The universe can be very funny.

This isn’t the end. I got to the end of the isle where I saw a woman that I know, she wanted to talk to me about her haunted house. Well, I was little to no use to her at that point. I could not see Simon anymore but the energy and my inability to focus on what this woman was saying made it clear that he was still there. After our conversation I went to check out, by this time I could feel the energy starting to get back to normal.

Soon after that experience I sent Simon a message on Facebook and asked what he thought about bilocation, but didn’t tell him what happened.

I finally met Simon at Pike Creek Reiki during one of his Soul Healing and Conversations Events, it was close the end of the night when Tammy Petruccelli, the owner of PCR told Simon about my experience. I told Simon what he was wearing when I saw him in the grocery store and he said that he had that shirt with him and that he would be wearing it during the workshop he would be doing at the end of the tour.

At the end of the night I bought Simon’s book and asked him to sign it. Over all nothing real significant happened that night but the next day I was reading the book and I got a message from Simon saying that he was ‘with’ me again.

Simon pops in here and there and I have no idea why but who am I to question the Universe. I will know why when I need to know why.

This all happened in March and April of 2017, it is now June of 2017 and Simon is showing up again and in different ways. I have always had very unusual dreams but this one was pretty interesting.

Two nights in a row before I had the dream I would close my eyes at night and there was Simon’s grinning face, I would just laugh then try to go to sleep. On the third night I closed my eyes, saw his face, shook my head and thought, dude you have to stop showing up in my room. Then I rolled over and went to sleep. It felt like I just closed my eyes and there we were at a doorway. In the dream Simon took my arm and lead me into a room with other people and an alter table. As soon as we got into the room Simon turned around and left without saying a word. I was standing at the back of the room and was signaled by a woman to come up to the alter table. There were five other people standing at the table signing papers. I was also given papers to sign. The papers were basically saying that I have moved up. I’m not sure how to describe this, the only way you might understand is something like spiritually leveling up. I was crying because I didn’t realize that I was worthy of this or that anyone was even paying attention. At the end of the dream I was guided to walk through a curtain with the other five people. I woke up after that and thought holy crap! I don’t know what was behind the curtain also I don’t know if this was a true message or just a dream.

I don’t understand this connection to Simon or his energy and I don’t try to understand it. I don’t want to get lost in the searching for the reason and miss the reason itself. People come and go out of our lives for some reason or another and if we are to know why we will be shown.

Simon, thanks for being a tiny part of my journey, Eleanor

Seaspray, VIC, Australia. My favourite place to recoup after healings

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Soul Healing & Hypothyroidism

Thank you, C, for this testimonial.

I encourage clients to have more than one session if they don’t get a noticeable health response after the first. Often, the first session deals with emotional trauma. Also, if clients are fixated on receiving messages from spirit rather than health, the outcome will reflect that.

Over the past year I’ve had three sessions with Simon. The first two were in-person and the last via Skype. Although after each session I felt significant changes in the days and weeks following, it was the last session that the most dramatic changes occurred. My overall health, the things I thought were ‘a part of life’, has been completely altered and I’m still in shock about how I’m feeling.
I’ve had hypothyroidism for a good 5+ years, suffered constipation or the opposite for as long as I can remember and was told I was anaemic following the birth of my most recent birth despite taking iron supplements throughout the pregnancy as well as a variety of other supplements to boost or counteract other side effects.
After the healing I was noticing my thyroid 'acting up', my bowels seemed regular as well as my daily energy levels boosted. I have even had friends say I was glowing and looked different!
At my routine endocrinologist appointment my Dr. was shocked that firstly I hadn’t received an iron shot as my iron levels had increased so much (not usual on just supplements as they normally take time to build up in the body) and that my thyroid levels were finally in the normal range! We discussed trialing me without all the current supplements and I will have another routine test but I have absolute faith and trust that Simon and spirit have healed me of these frustrating conditions and I will no longer need my bloods taken every 6-8 weeks! ~ C from VIC, Australia

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