Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mediums & Spirit Communication — I Prefer To Be Hopeful Than Crazy

Good mediums provide evidence spirit is real. At times, evidential information is incomplete: part of a name, not the whole, a scent, but not the location or source of the scent, spirit’s memory, not the client’s, etc.

Most mediums have their own style of communication with spirit. Key words and phrases, colours, number sequences, feelings, and images mean something. Personally, I like simplicity and accuracy without interpretation, but I still have my own spirit-speak. Self-awareness and trust is crucial when communicating with spirit. Doubt and overconfidence creates tension and scrambles connection to and information from spirit.

I prefer to describe the process of communicating to spirit as sensing. Hearing sentences from spirit can lack the inflections of live conversation. Meaning is sensed rather than heard. If you’re a practicing medium and can’t hear spirit, ask them to speak up and slow your breathing. Listen (sense) on the end of the exhaled breath.

For me, the phrase, drop dead Fred, from spirit means someone died suddenly, but not always. For mediums, it’s important to be flexible and not commit to our spirit-speak. I usually share everything from spirit with clients, including the order I receive the information.

Variations of this theme are common:
I sense a man in spirit.
I know his name starts with Fr.
Once I start talking I immediately know more information. I tell my client, “I’ve a heavyset elderly man in spirit. His name starts with Fr, so it will be Fred or Frank, possibly Francis.”
As soon as I say it I know it’s not Francis. “It’s Fred. I know this because I hear spirit saying Fred and Wilma, and, in my mind, I see Fred Flintstone. Who’s Fred?”
Client says, “my pop. My mum’s dad.”
I enquire, “did he smoke a pipe and is there a photo of him sitting on a log with a dog beside him?” (The question is the information, not a question.)
“No. My pop didn’t smoke.”
One of two things will now happen. Either I’ll hear, “the other Fred” from spirit, or I know pop smoked a pipe, and my client didn’t know.
I say, “I’ll see if I can get something else.”
It’s a question to spirit and usually I get something as soon as I speak. “Who owned the jar of old pennies and why do I see one being slid across the table? Fred’s handing it to me. M has it. An M name, M A, M A, Maggie May, Maggie May, May.”
Client says, “Mum’s middle name is May.”
“Ask mum about the old coins. She will know what I’m talking about.”

I can describe Fred because I see him and also become him. My body changes: I lean to the left, my mouth changes shape, I chew on dentures, I have trouble breathing, etc. I see what Fred saw and feel what Fred experienced. Fragments of his memories manifest within my mind, body and spirit.

Usually, when enough evidence has been provided and the client believes Fred is present, Fred may talk to my client about aspects of their life. It’s a misconception to believe that spirit will provide infallible and accurate guidance. If Fred gave lousy advice living, he’ll likely give lousy advice dead. If the medium is a poor communicator, the advice will be delivered poorly and probably altered.

The medium’s and client’s thoughts, actions and emotions affect the flow of information from spirit. Negativity can silence spirit, unsettle mediums and disappoint clients. Positive engagement between mediums and clients strengthens and holds the connection to spirit. No rule is absolute though. Mostly, communicating to spirit and clients is exciting and rewarding, but occasionally it’s frustrating and confusing. 

If the living Fred was a generous wise loving man, but he rarely spoke, Fred in spirit may not have anything to say. The conversation will come from Fred’s spirit. I’ll feel wise, generous and loving. Fred will soften my voice and body language. He’ll make me cry and I’ll feel the love he has for my client. My altered state and the feeling my spoken words create will be Fred’s message.

If my client wants to know when to sell their house or whether their partner is cheating on them, they will probably be disappointed with Fred’s message. For those two questions, the client should consider why they’re asking. Being a psychic I’ll have an insight into the partner’s alleged infidelity, but the decision to sell your house will be yours. I’ll see the real estate sign and might tell you the month you’ll sell, but that’s because I see it happening, which isn’t the same as advising you.

Whether spirit communication is real or not can be skilfully and intelligently, not always belligerently, questioned by doubters. I’ve had unique experiences with spirit, but if I’m the only one having those experiences, are those experiences real? It’s a fair question. It’s likely others have had similar or exact experiences, but we haven’t met yet. I prefer to be hopeful than crazy. J

Mt Hotham, Victoria, Australia

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Sitting Bull — No Bull

While driving with a friend in East Gippsland, Victoria, we saw a bull sitting upright like a dog. From a distance it looked like a black stump, but as we got closer we realised it was a bull. Despite many years of working on farms, I’ve never seen a bull relax this way. We turned the car around to get a photo, but the bull had stood up.

I shared this story on FB and a friend commented, “Was general Custer anywhere to be found? If you don’t know American western history, Custer’s last stand was against a Lakota chief named Sitting Bull.” When I read the comment, I saw an American Indian spirit. Curious, I googled Sitting Bull and the man in this photo looks exactly like the visiting spirit. I've seen him many times over the last few days. 
Chief Sitting Bull
I asked Sitting Bull why he had visited. His reply surprised me.

“You have a child’s heart and a wise woman’s eyes, yet you are a warrior. Strong medicine. I will be your brother when you travel.”

I'm travelling to Canada soon.

He offered me a pipe and gestured for me to look skyward. A white tailed kite flew overhead. I feel blessed and I’m grateful for spirit’s faith in me. I’m grateful for Sitting Bull’s friendship and courage. I will need it in the future. I need it now. 

Updated on 7th August 2014

Chief Sitting Bull's presence is so powerful that it's sometimes difficult to breathe when he's near. He's accompanied by other elders from all the tribal nations. One holy man has (what looks like) burn scars on his arms & hands. A scar on his right forearm is in the shape of a crow. He's from the Siksika First Nation. He's this man, Crowfoot.

"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset." — Crowfoot's last words, sourced from Wikipedia.

How did I find this photo?
I was talking to Chief Sitting Bull.
He introduced me to Chief Crowfoot, but I only heard, "Blackfeet."
I googled Blackfeet.
The link I first looked at I clicked.
When the page opened I looked at the word SikSika Nation.
I googled Siksika.
Hello Chief Crowfoot, the man who was standing beside Chief Sitting Bull.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I’ve Never Found Grandma’s Ring

Some clients contact me and ask if I know where something they’ve lost is. I rarely do. Usually, I’ll hear from spirit, “they won’t find it,” or, “they’ll find it,” but not where it is. Occasionally I’ll hear, “it’s in the car.” I’ve never found the lost ring.

I’m curious as to why not, as I’m able to find things I’ve lost. This week, while doing maintenance on a chainsaw, a small screw fell off the trampoline I’d left it on and onto the lawn. I didn’t see it fall and, because of the angle the trampoline was on and the bounce in the trampoline net, it could’ve fallen onto a large area. Making it more difficult to locate, the screw was oil covered, not shiny, and the light was fading.

As long as I remain calm I know I will find the screw. In the past, spirit has helped me many times to find small things I’ve dropped. It feels like spirit controls my body. My head turns and my eyes look at the object I’ve lost. But only if I relax and control my thoughts.

This time I glanced at the ground around me, crouched down, and spirit said, “crawl under the trampoline and look outwards into the light.” I crawled, turned and looked directly at the screw.

If you have faith and listen, anything is possible … except finding grandma’s ring. J

Talk soon.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Top 8 Tips For Energy/Spiritual Healers

This article was written and posted in 2010. It’s had a lot of hits this month, so I’m expanding, editing and sharing it again.

I’m asked all the time about how I heal, and although some of what I’m about to share is on my website and in other posts, here’s my top five eight tips for having consistent results.

1) Have faith. When I mention this most people assume I’m talking about having faith in God, gods or spirit. Have faith in yourself first. No matter what the outcome, believe you can heal anything. Don’t gauge your potential to heal by successes or failures.

2) Don’t make excuses. I hear too many people saying things like: the person’s not ready to be healed, they’ve chosen this illness for their higher good, they’ve chosen to live a short life, it’s their journey, and … (fill the gap). Don’t buy into this at all.

3) Have no expectation. The only thing that you need to focus on is healing. I do this by repeating the phrase perfect health, but I don’t think about how that will manifest in the client. I’m healing, not healing a particular illness, just healing.  

4) Every time you heal it’s the first time. There are similarities between healings, but try to avoid comparing one healing with another. This will prevent you from establishing a routine.

5) Know that you’re not in control. The only thing you control is your willingness to walk up to the table over and over again. Don’t be afraid. Dig this out of your subconscious mind. Trust me, in there, it’s screaming, ‘I’m hanging on tight!’

6) Be honest with yourself and clients. Eventually you’ll experience something you haven’t encountered before, feel vulnerable, not be able to answer client’s questions, or ease client’s worries and fears. It’s okay to simply not know. Don’t embellish information or past outcomes. Clients will respect you more and honesty contributes to and accelerates healing.

7) Technique is someone else’s experience, not a formula for success. Be flexible. Faith, intention and courage heal, not technique. Technique’s often an unnecessary accessory. 

8) It’s not important what others think about you. You will care, but let it go. Be small and do great things. 

Rock eating tree! Yep, that's how tough trees in Australia are.
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