Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spirit Create Change With Conscious and Purposeful Transference

I received this email from a client:

Hi Simon,

Thank you for visiting Toowoomba. It was a pleasure to have you at our studio. I had to email you as I had the weirdest experience last night.
I was asleep and saw a small ball of coloured lights that looked liked it had electricity, similar to static electricity, coming out of it.  It woke me with a bit of a start, but then I fell asleep again. Not long after I had fallen asleep, the light, similar to a human shape, was bigger and the colours were similar to the aurora borealis lights, green and blue in colour. The shape came over to me, felt like it was lying on me and gave me little zaps all over my body. I could actually feel the hairs on my arms stand up. This gave me more of a fright and I woke up fully then. Not long after I fell asleep again, I actually had the best nights sleep. All this happened in the first stage of sleep and within half an hour of me falling asleep.
This was a totally different experience and I had to share.

Regards, Lisa

I replied:

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for having me. I’m grateful for your support and enjoyed working at the studio.
What you saw was spirit. I’ve had similar experiences, but when I’m awake and during healings and readings. I’m not certain what causes the colours, but it has something to do with the combination of the viewer’s and spirit’s emotions and life experiences. We’re not as solid as we believe. We can be in and out of our bodies (which isn’t really accurate because we’re both at the same time) without knowing it. I believe you received healing during the experience and this is why you slept so well. Spirit overlays, or lies into, our energy fields. That’s an analogy, but is also what you experienced.
I’m happy you had this experience. Can I share this online?

Talk soon, Simon

As clients and I have experienced similar experiences many times, I’m going to share further thoughts about this. The first time I saw ‘solid’ spirit, they were human shapes of golden hues of light. Since then, I frequently see orbs, shifting misty clouds, streams of multi coloured light, and partial and full spirit bodies.  

Lisa’s healing session with me enabled her to see spirit. Falling asleep and waking are ideal states to interact with spirit. In this instance, spirit, opportunistically, did further healing.

I feel, it’s important to grasp that spirit and living spirit are the same. It’s not them and us, physical and non-physical, or in body and in spirit. Often when I’m doing healings I can see myself standing beside me or in another location in the room. Some clients have seen me at their homes as if I’m a spirit. I’m not aware of this. A friend, who sees spirit as solid beings, finds it difficult to look at me when I’m talking about my work with spirit. She describes my face continuously changing. “Where’s Simon?” When I’m healing I’m aware of this transition. Spirit overlays in my recordable — I’m aware — energy field. Overlay or merging is an apt description, but is most probably not accurate. Like most experiences with spirit, it seems one way, but with further experiences beliefs change.

Traditionally, it’s touted that we’re a singular soul in a singular body. My guide says, “you are and you’re not. Souls, in the human form, have limited access to memories and information from (all) previous and future human lifetimes. Souls aren’t individual. Consciousness (my guide prefers the descriptive, spirit, but he’s used consciousness because it’s the present preferred descriptive) is infinite beyond your understanding of infinite. Infinite, beyond measure or understanding is a concept you grasp. Soul and spirit are not. What a soul is, or isn’t, is engineered by what you believe a soul is and is also unaffected and independent of your investigation.”

My guide’s teachings have made me reconsider every human spiritual law, belief and practice I’ve encountered. From his platform in consciousness, Lisa’s spirit, or Lisa as spirit, welcomed another spirit into her inter-personal consciousness. Conscious and purposeful transference, the replacement of one vibration with another, and unity co-creating within Lisa’s subtle energy fields/consciousness.

The static electricity feeling is a common healing response some people experience, others don’t. For me, during healings, it feels magnetic. The intensity of the feeling indicates the recipient’s measure of resistance, acceptance, awareness, and curiosity.

I imagine my thoughts about this will evolve over time.

Talk soon.  

Esk, QLD, Australia

Flooding after cyclone Marcia in Kilcoy, QLD, Australia

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Psychics, Predictions, and Potentiality Not Accuracy

For many years I’ve seen images, while meditating and within my thoughts, of future global conflict events and disasters. Usually, the images I see are televised as news some twelve to eighteen months after I see them.

Sometimes, the graphic images unsettle me and it bothers me that I never see uplifting global events. I reflect on why I’m wired to receive bad news and not good. My spirit guide informs, “to prepare me to heal the living and the dead,” which at first felt like a grave responsibility, but now is a welcome duty. 

As I don’t want to create fear or energise the events I see, I don’t publicly share my predictions. In some instances I’ve known the region, but mostly, I don’t know where or when the event will occur. Why? I stopped asking.

I believe, for psychics, information is readable or not. Psychics are wrong or right. I believe consciousness is an infinite entanglement of frequency and information. Ordered chaos. Spirit has taught me to recognise when I’m receiving accurate information. I know without questioning how I know.

Psychics who give information that proves to be inaccurate have made a mistake. The excuses that timing, free will, soul contracts, or any other esoteric idea have altered the future are simply excuses. As a psychic, not all information I receive is understandable or in order. I have to discern what to say to clients and how to say it. Discernment is improved with experience, maturity and confidence. For psychics, don’t be afraid of being wrong, share information, not your thoughts, personality, or emotion with clients. What something means to us isn’t always what it means to others.

In some readings I intuit potentiality. I accurately intuit how clients are feeling, what they’re thinking (some clients believe I can read minds because I’ve told them exactly what they were just thinking), what they’ve been doing and what they’re planning to do. From this I can offer probable options, or I have a positive or negative feeling about the topics we’re discussing. This is different than being certain, which, in energy healing and readings, is a good name for a cat.

Being a medium and communicating to or as spirit is a different skill than being a psychic. Can I ask spirit if psychic information is correct? Yes, but spirit doesn’t always know, and, I feel, this is where a lot of readers misread. They hear, not intentionally, misinformation. They feed and intuit the needs and fears of clients rather than be silent. It’s okay to be wrong. Don’t push spirit for an answer.

For me, and I believe this to be true, spirit still have traits of living personality and mannerisms. If they didn’t, how would you know whether I’m speaking to your family and friends in spirit? If your dad was an angry alcoholic who gave bad advice and made bad decisions while living, why, if I was a good medium, am I describing a wise compassionate dad. If that’s what you wanted your dad to be, then it’s accurate that the medium has intuited that and it’s that that’s influencing the message.

Some believe guides, angels, ascended masters, and a collective consciousness have answers and guidance that benefits our higher good. Higher good? How’s that determined and who or what determines it? God? Our soul? And have we listened? Haven’t prophets and faith leaders been preaching God’s message for millennia? What’s the point of guidance from spirit if we’re not acting on spirit’s guidance?

It’s fair to say, all spiritual teachers agree that everything is connected and communicating. Entangled? The common theme is live peacefully and joyfully, but we don’t. Why? How many more wars do we need before we disarm and scrap all weapons? Energy healing neutralises the frequency that supports and causes the habitual patterns of conflict.

We don’t act because of free will, karma, or a soul contract. I believe spiritual new age universal beliefs create division and division. Most clients come to see me seeking health and happiness, and I point out that that’s something they control. To heal, know yourself, and for healers, to heal, know yourself.

It’s not why I see future conflict events and disasters, but how I react and what I do that’s important. I heal the living and dead. I heal the earth and humanity. Life is amazing, complex, emotional, sensory and worth living peacefully. We don’t have to do what we did, or be who we were yesterday. The conflict in the world is an active frequency in consciousness/the field of entanglement/us. Turn it off.

Talk soon. J

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holiday Season! December 2014 Newsletter

It’s been a big year for me and, despite my inconsistency with posting articles here, I’m grateful to everyone who’s read and shared links. Stay safe and happy over the holiday season.  
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Hi everyone J

Thank you for an amazing year! I’m eternally grateful for your friendship, trust and faith. I wish you all a peaceful and joyous holiday season.
I’d encourage you all to practice gratitude and discipline in 2015. Be grateful for friendship, honesty, trust, and abundance. Be disciplined and let go off unhealthy thoughts and actions.
Many of my clients this past year have struggled to accomplish goals and maintain joy and health. They’re exhausted, and frustrated that they’ve been unable to change limiting habitual behaviours.
This is why I’ve chosen discipline as my only goal in 2015. I control my emotions, rather than letting emotion rule. Rather than be frustrated by the things I haven’t accomplished, I’m grateful for all I’ve achieved. With love, do the same. My work with spirit has proven to me that one person’s success creates another’s. Be grateful for other’s successes and you’ll attract and create the same.
From my heart, I wish you a disciplined and love filled New Year. 2015 will be a transformative year for many, but if we don’t let go off old programming we’ll experience internal conflict that will create tension in personal, community and global relationships. Surrender. It’s time to change. Eat healthy, think healthy and act sensibly and peacefully. Be disciplined.
We love you.

Talk soon. J

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Port Macquarie, NSW ­­­­­­­­— May/June (dates to be confirmed)
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I’m in the early stages of planning a trip to the UK and Ecuador in 2015.

When I’m home I take bookings in Burpengary, NTH Brisbane, QLD.

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Certainty is a Good Name For a Cat, But an Unpredictable Component of Energy Healing

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Wishing you all a love filled Christmas and Happy New Year, Simon, family and angels J

Farm stay, Seaspray, VIC, Australia. 

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Certainty is a Good Name For a Cat, But an Unpredictable Component of Energy Healing

Recently, a client described his healing experience as, “watching a miracle happen.” He contacted me because he had a large hernia and wanted to avoid surgery. After the first distant healing he noticed the hernia had reduced 20% and described feeling the muscle tissue being reconnected during the healing. Over the next few days, he observed an improvement in his skin, overall health and attitude to life. By a week, the hernia had reduced 40%. I’m anticipating a 100% health response.

He booked another distant healing and we spoke again via Skype. He mentioned that he felt the presence of angelic devas during the healing and asked me about my process. How did I heal him? It’s a question I ask spirit and myself often.

Firstly, I believe, in the field of alternative healing, descriptions of technique need to be simplified. My guide, Gegu, uses the phrase, “the technique of no technique,” to describe my process. He also encourages my spiritual journey, my life, to be, “the path of no path.” He directs me to be curious and flexible, not fashionable and rigid about spiritual beliefs.

I’ll share a few points that I feel are important to achieve a healing response in clients, but the idea that something’s important or not creates tension in human consciousness. This affects the field of consciousness/the universe, which in turn hinders or accelerates change. Certainty is a good name for a cat, but an unpredictable component of healing.

·      Faith: Have faith. Despite what the outcome of any healing is, I have no doubt that I can heal all things. Faith is a state of being detached from all others. Faith is a silent unaffected observer.
·      Intention: Likely the most powerful component of healing. Intention without expectation and interference. My only intention is to heal, not heal a specific thing or in a particular way. Simply, create wellness.
·      Courage: During healings, depending on your psychic ability and connection to spirit, it’s possible to see and feel terrible things. It’s unsettling, but, to trigger a healing response in some clients, necessary.  
·      Know yourself: A health response can be triggered with a gesture, eye contact, a word, a conversation, an emotion, a myriad of things. Consciousness, energy fields of clients and spirit merge and communicate. I become my client. If I don’t understand what I’m feeling, then it’s possible to miss a trigger point to start the healing process.
·      Connection: Our connection, and the quality of that union, to spirit and the universe provides the tools we need to change the frequencies in client’s energy fields. During healings I’m willingly spirit’s puppet. Spirit overlays in my energy field, and, at times, I’m not myself. Everything we need to heal is in consciousness/spirit: modern day surgeons, ancient shamans, body and energy work therapists from all periods of time and cultures are present. Time and space are flexible and past and future frequencies of health are accessible.
·      Detachment: It’s possible I’m going to contradict some of the previous points now. Energy healing is and is not all things. Detach from everything: belief, technique, emotion, outcome, time, life, etc. Everything.

There was a time I’d have added love to this list, but now I believe love is the response. Human love is complex. Spirit’s love is peaceful. We meet somewhere in the middle. Spirit loves us when we can’t love ourselves. I love you, I really do. Some of you will doubt it, some will fear it, others will hold onto it so tightly that you’ll neve be free, and when you realise I’m just a regular guy, you’ll feel cheated.

Unconditional love? It’s something we desire, but the longing for it haunts us. It’s an illusion we can escape in, but human love is always conditional. I prefer to be curious, grateful and surprised. Kind words. Kind gestures. That’s what we need to heal. Love will follow. 

Views from Great Ocean Rd, Victoria, Australia

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