Sunday 21 October 2018

Energy Healing Stops Constant Menstrual Bleeding

Liz contacted me via referral and for a gynecological problem. She had been menstrual bleeding daily for a period of time and her doctor had advised having a hysterectomy.
We talked via Skype for approx. 45 minutes and, while sharing messages from spirit and intuiting personal information about her life, we discussed something she’d not talked about with anyone else. I’m certain Liz’s courage and honesty were contributing factors to the positive health outcome.
Previously, I’ve described honesty as being a noticeable component of healing success. The personal and intimate style of my work unlocks trauma and creates healing success. What I say, how I say it, my body language and most importantly, the intention behind my process, all contribute to being a successful healer.
My spirit guide and healing teacher, Gegu, describes my process as, the technique of no technique. While I was typing that sentence Gegu said, “One of many teachers, my son.”
Curiously, but not an uncommon occurrence, I’d done another distant healing for a woman who was also menstrual bleeding daily a few days before Liz’s healing. At this stage, I’ve not received feedback about the outcome.
If you have a women’s health issue, I may not be able to achieve a noticeable positive health outcome, but do consider energy healing as a possible option.
I’m hoping that Liz’s healing outcome will hold and she notices further health improvements, but I encouraged her to discuss this with her gynecological specialist. She/he is qualified, not me, to advise Liz.    
I’m grateful to have received this email today. Thank you, Liz.    

Hi Simon,
Blown away! Less than 48 hours after speaking with you and for the first time in 3 months I’m not dealing with constant bleeding today!?
I was in some pain yesterday and found it difficult to sleep last night. I was feeling restless due to a sensation I was experiencing around my entire pelvic area (front and back). The sensation is difficult to describe, but kind of like a warm heavy blanket being draped over this area and I had to toss and turn several times until I finally felt comfortable.
Today I have no pain but I’m incredibly lethargic and extremely sad. A bit all over the shop really but I am optimistic that this shall pass soon. Thank you for your time and for sharing your gift with me.

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