Thursday 26 August 2010

My PC’s Driving Me Crazy!

I’ve spent the last four days searching tech forums and the Microsoft site to update drivers and programmes. My laptop spent a day at the doctors, and it took two days to upload Nero Media Suite 10 and then it didn’t do what I wanted it to. So I ordered a new computer! Take that old PC, and there’ll be no make up sex this time!

Since I’ve neglected my blog I’m planning a surprise romantic dinner: new hard drive, genuine software, windows 7, and the ambient glow of a new monitor. That post will be hot and locked.

In other news I’m reformatting all the video on my blog and hopefully everyone will be able to watch them. I’ll post an update soon.
This is what I’ve been doing between bookings.
This room will be my new healing and meditation room.
The garden is growing well and we’re eating silver beet, snow peas, baby spinach, celery, zucchini, and herbs. The herbs are fantastic to cook with.
Broccoli is almost ready.
Our first zucchini.
This is a dragon fruit and I’m curious about how quickly it will grow.
Talk soon beautiful people.

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Saturday 21 August 2010

Soul Healing and Friends

Part 1

This is one healing split into 3 parts and I’ve cut 150 seconds from the start of this recording. The other two parts haven't been edited. Gary wasn’t moving, but within 20 seconds he was already in an altered state, and you’ll notice his feet moving first. These movements are not as complex as his first healings; he doesn’t need to move as much now. The knee closest to the camera had arthroscopic surgery done on it only two weeks prior to this and he hadn’t had this range of movement back yet. At the end of the recording Gary speaks in an indigenous language. This is usual and it is the voice of one of his guides.

Healing Gary 16 Aug 2010 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Part 2

While Gary is speaking Jesus and Mary are talking to me. I don’t always hear the words Gary is saying because they’re also in my mind as if I’m saying them. The word selection in my mind is slightly different. I don’t have any recall and Gegu remains quiet. The message is absorbed rather than listened to. Some of the audio is difficult to hear. The music didn’t sound this loud during the healing, and I’m surprised you can hear me exhale, but not hear parts of the conversation.

“Hello my son.”

Me: “Hello, how are you?”


Me: “Thank you.”

“Follow the paths of many others. You must change the world; challenge the will of the people. There must be no more sacrifice.”

Me: “Peace.” Jesus was talking to me and gave me the response.

“There must be peace. You must choose the power of the mind. Accept the strength which you are given. We are all given the ability (to heal) . . . people will grow to know this, the ability to heal.”

Me: “I will show them.” I’m almost crying because Jesus is standing beside and I felt his loss and my own. I trance Jesus briefly at the beginning of the next passage.

“It’s true that they control their own destiny. They can continue their destiny when they control their minds. Walk amongst the people, let them fear, remember they feared him. Jesus wasn’t the unfortunate soul (?) He was sacrificed because he became too powerful. The fear was amongst them, the fear that one man could do so much good. The fear drove them not to accept but to deny. Denied the others to learn (he’s talking about the disciples and the culture that crucified Jesus), to learn how to use their minds for the better of man. You my son are starting the journey for there are others out there who will help you in this world.”

Me: “I will find them.”

“They are there.

“(?) in there own rights have the power as do all mankind they are the believers they have no fear in there hearts. You must conquer the fear, the fear of the unknown. We can not help everyone as destinies . . . (?) destiny cannot be changed. However you can help the challenges that befall them. The challenges may be long and hard, but it is in their destiny to learn and accept so that they can continue.

“I am with you all and will continue to be with you all to develop the ability to heal with me. I place my hands on yours. (The energy straightens my back) I must go now because there are others here.”

Me: “Go in peace.”

Two things stand out for me in this passage: “It’s true they control their own destiny.” And “destiny cannot be changed.” On a soul level our path is chosen, but in life we are in control. Our only purpose is to live, and it’s fear (and the frequency of habit) that prevents change. No souls are here to suffer.

Healing Gary 16 Aug 2010 Part 2 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Part 3

“Good morning, my son.”

Me: “Good morning.” I’m smiling because this was unexpected and the voice was so different. “Who am I speaking to?”

“I walk the path of life. I follow the light.”

Me: “Have we worked together before?” I ask because I recognise the vibration.

“We have. I control the light, you have helped many souls pass to the light to embrace the acceptance of the next level, it’s an important stage. Many . . . there aren’t many who have passed through the light who have learned their lessons to continue, not yet.

“In the light we are reborn . . . as you have been reborn through each stage of your life, and light, you have gained knowledge, the knowledge to help others.”

After this you’ll see me turn and lift my hand; I’m turning towards Jesus because he asked me to touch his face.

There’s a spirit in the room that needs to be passed into the light and Gary reaches for the soul. “Come to me. Come to me.” The spirit passes through my body. Gary whispers, “Souls, so many souls. Come, come little one.” The soul moves into the light and Gary’s arms uncross. Jesus is standing the same way that I am with his hand on Gary’s head. For me, what’s so exciting about this is this is how I see angels pass spirits into the light—they embrace them. They/we are the light. When Gary first started doing this I’d not talked about my experiences with him. The feeling near the light is beautiful.

“(?) I want to connect with you, feel the connection (?) Our bond will grow stronger, your healing abilities will grow stronger, you must take time for yourself and not exhaust yourself, because if you’re exhausted you cannot work you cannot commit your strength. It’s important you have time for yourself . . . (?) Enjoy what is unfolding, for taking the time . . . (?) your journey is just beginning . . . (?)” (this was a personal message for me)

Mother Mary eased Gary out of the trance. When I rub the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger Mary is close and working with me.

Healing Gary 16 Aug 2010 Part 3 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

If you have any questions leave them in a comment, and I’ll try to answer them. Please take the time to thank Gary for allowing this.

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Tuesday 17 August 2010

This Guy is Amazing: the Introduction

This is a twenty minute video so grab a cup of your favourite beverage and dress for comfort. I’m talking about Gary who has an extraordinary response to healing. This is an introduction to a follow up series of videos I’ll be posting on Friday.

Intro to Gary Healing 16 Aug 2010 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

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My New Mentors Write YA

I used to have a list of famous people that I’d like to meet running through my mind in an evolving commentary: I’d shuffle Nelson Mandela in front of the Dalai Lama, and, depending on my mood, Madonna and Bono would trade places with Ricky Ponting and George Gregan. But now I have a new list filled with real people, and the quote I’m sharing has come from one of my new mentors, Brenna Yovanoff.

“It’s tempting to wait, to hold of on writing the thing you love until you feel like you’re good enough to do it justice, but I don’t think you can. You only grow into your voice and style by writing the things you really care about, because caring about something forces you to put yourself into it. It forces you to push forward, to write the uncomfortable things, and that’s also usually the good stuff.”

Try substituting writing with living, voice and style with life, and write with live.

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Thursday 12 August 2010

A Client’s Perspective

For many years I had no eye witnesses to validate my experiences with spirit. Other mediums and healers in the spiritual circles I attended didn’t have the experiences I was having and no one worked with spirit the way that I did. When I started healing full time I rarely asked for testimonials, and it didn’t seem appropriate or respectful to do so. Clients are often overwhelmed by the healing experience. They’ve experienced something that they cannot begin to describe. All my ‘best’ stories remain anonymous and dream-like.

The more time that I spend speaking to people who work with spirit, the more I realise that they’re only talking and not experiencing. This is a difficult field to work in: I don’t know how or why I have the experiences that I do, I don’t know how I communicate with spirit; I’m in the business of, I-don’t-know. I simply have the experience.

I understand why people are sceptical. I’m sceptical when I hear a medium say that they can teach people to do this. I break all the rules and hierarchy around so called spiritual protocols, and I’ve seen others do the same. I’d rather be a story teller than a teacher.

Today I’d like to share a client’s story, and I appreciate her candour and bravery. I’ve not edited her writing and it’s posted in its entirety.

* * * *

As one of Simon's clients, I would like to describe some of my experiences from the perspective of a receiver of Simon's distance healings for you, the reader. I hope by sharing my experiences you may find more comfort and trust in working with Simon, too.

I am not religious and would consider myself a sceptic, but I was in need of healing so I reached out to Simon after discovering his website.

Simon has appeared, at times, as an angel. I don't necessarily see him like I see a table or a chair, but I feel him or see glimpses. It's difficult to describe. During one healing session, I felt as though blue lightening or light was being focused into my injury and healing the area. Toward the end of the session, I felt Simon wrap his arms around me, but they weren't arms, they were white wings. I felt him stroke my hair and face and tell me things would be OK.

Another day I was having a tough go of things and physically I was not feeling well. Early in the day, Simon communicated with me and I mentioned I wasn't feeling well, and he said he'd stop over in spirit to give me healing. At the time I didn't think a lot about it. But when I sat on the couch to rest and clear my head that afternoon, I felt Simon's presence sitting next to me. I felt him put a hand on my knee, another on my shoulder, and press his cheek against mine. Warm! My cheek felt very warm. During the remainder of the day, I felt him occasionally near me and saw occasional glimpses of him out of the corner of my eye. He didn't walk with me when I moved from room to room, he'd simply "be" there in an instant. Kind of like a flash, then gone again. His presence was very comforting and I felt he was sending me healing energy.

(I know what you're thinking right now. It's okay, as I'd be thinking the same thing too.)

Not all my healings with Simon have been the same. He doesn't always appear to me to be an angel and at times I have not felt him at all. During sessions, I have also put my own hand on my lower back or my neck for the area to receive healing. Although, it felt as though someone placed my hand there and my hand felt like someone else's hand. And, again, it felt very warm.

I've also had a healing with Simon that was very sensual in nature. I felt hugged, comforted, and loved; very much so. It's hard to describe in words, but I felt massive love from the universe surrounding both of us. It was so beautiful that I could not hold back tears. I woke feeling refreshed and full of love.

All these experiences have occurred with no effort, no belief systems, and no expectations on my behalf. I can't explain these experiences, but have stopped questioning my feelings and perceptions. I am at peace. Thank you, Simon. You are a gift and I love you.

* * * *

Thank you, I love you too.

If you’ve had a healing from me and would like to share the experience I’d be grateful, and we could make this a regular feature for this blog. Talk soon, Simon.

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Thursday 5 August 2010

Healing or Remote Control Bodies

Today I had an amazing healing with a client I’d seen once before eighteen months prior. These clients are rare, and there’s only been three in three years. A common response to healing is movement on the table: muscle flexing in unusual sequences, visible vibrations, head movements, limbs lifting and extending, limbs floating, spasmodic tensing that makes the body or limbs jump, and a variety of other subtle movements. These responses coincide with the body work and manipulations I see spirit doing on the energetic body.

Three clients, in varying levels of altered states, have physically moved and or have been manipulated by spirit. They perform complex, almost yoga like movements on a massage table, and they don’t fall off the table. Bear in mind that some of the spirit healers doing the work have lived thousands of years ago, so what I’m seeing is ancient physiotherapy/bodywork.

Today’s client was aware she was being manipulated by spirit, but couldn’t open her eyes or stop her body from moving. The movements started with twitching and muscle spasms, and then her right hand was lifted by the wrist. The hand appeared to float without any muscle tension or evidence the client was holding the arm up. She said afterwards that she felt someone holding her wrist and then they moved her arm.

The arm rotated numerous times and was stretched in different positions. Her head rolled from side to side, and then, stretching the neck, rotated slowly. At the same time she rolled onto her side and twisted her shoulders away from her hips. The synchronised movements were flowing and worthy of a gymnast, and they continued for twenty minutes. The energy and feeling in the room was breath taking, and the healing mark on my hand was glowing white.

I believe I’ve separated the clients mind and conscious direction from the body. The body isn’t being manipulated to move, the body is moving to heal itself. The potential of that accomplishment is staggering. Whether clients move this way or not the healing still manifests in the body, but this way is exciting to witness and ponder about.

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Monday 2 August 2010

Sliding: Distant Healing & The Safest Way to Travel

Hi everyone. I’ve been doing a lot of distant healing lately, so I thought I’d describe what that experience is like for me, and my thoughts on how it’s possible. I apologise for the number of times I clear my throat in these recordings. I get tight in the chest when I’m working with spirit, and it’s also a sign I’m not talking about what they want me to talk about. My home is always filled with spirit and they all have something to say.

The first video is twelve minutes long, the second is six minutes long; I’m more relaxed, and spirit has given me some room. I’ve noticed I say, “you know,” all the time, you know.

Distant Healing 1 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Distant Healing 2 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

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