Thursday 5 August 2010

Healing or Remote Control Bodies

Today I had an amazing healing with a client I’d seen once before eighteen months prior. These clients are rare, and there’s only been three in three years. A common response to healing is movement on the table: muscle flexing in unusual sequences, visible vibrations, head movements, limbs lifting and extending, limbs floating, spasmodic tensing that makes the body or limbs jump, and a variety of other subtle movements. These responses coincide with the body work and manipulations I see spirit doing on the energetic body.

Three clients, in varying levels of altered states, have physically moved and or have been manipulated by spirit. They perform complex, almost yoga like movements on a massage table, and they don’t fall off the table. Bear in mind that some of the spirit healers doing the work have lived thousands of years ago, so what I’m seeing is ancient physiotherapy/bodywork.

Today’s client was aware she was being manipulated by spirit, but couldn’t open her eyes or stop her body from moving. The movements started with twitching and muscle spasms, and then her right hand was lifted by the wrist. The hand appeared to float without any muscle tension or evidence the client was holding the arm up. She said afterwards that she felt someone holding her wrist and then they moved her arm.

The arm rotated numerous times and was stretched in different positions. Her head rolled from side to side, and then, stretching the neck, rotated slowly. At the same time she rolled onto her side and twisted her shoulders away from her hips. The synchronised movements were flowing and worthy of a gymnast, and they continued for twenty minutes. The energy and feeling in the room was breath taking, and the healing mark on my hand was glowing white.

I believe I’ve separated the clients mind and conscious direction from the body. The body isn’t being manipulated to move, the body is moving to heal itself. The potential of that accomplishment is staggering. Whether clients move this way or not the healing still manifests in the body, but this way is exciting to witness and ponder about.

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  1. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord5 August 2010 at 01:15

    Holy cats, that sounds incredible! Oh Simon, I grow more and more interested in the work you're doing each day. I tried to watch the videos you posted earlier this week, but I couldn't get the plug-in downloaded and installed. Shoot!

    Thank you for writing about your experiences. You expand my mind, and help raise my vibration by doing so.

    Much love,

  2. I love these examples of how our lives are deeply connected to the unseen world, and how we benefit from the help we receive from "above" and through practitioners like you. I have a story similar to this that I might share one day. Thank you, Simon, for sharing this one. People need to know that healing comes in many forms. :) Love, ~Julie

  3. I find this fascinating, Simon, and quite beautiful. It must be amazing for you and your clients to experience this.

    I agree with Megan, when you write about your experiences, it opens my world even more and creates possibility. I feel good reading this ~ thank you.

    Love to You,

  4. Hello Simon,

    I find this story intriguing! I find peace in knowing that there is so much more out there than many realize, and that we can access the "Source".

    I enjoyed reading your about page as too.

    I wish you well, much peace and love. I look forward to visiting again. :-)

  5. Simon,
    Honest truth: had I heard this story even just a couple of years ago, I would have questioned very much the belief that this happened.

    Perhaps, on this journey we are each on...that's okay...and when we are ready to be open to what IS possible...then that is the right time.

    Today, I'm to what truly IS possible. And I believe very much that there are things in this world I can't explain, that seem beyond my limited comprehension of this world as I know it. And in that statement, I also find that this gives me ability to believe anything is possible.

    So - wow!! How amazing to be in this space you were - to have lent a hand in this - and to experience this beautiful act of life... an incredibly beautiful gift...

  6. Hi Megan, yes, it's incredible, and I'm constantly surprised by the experiences I have.

    Julie, I look forward to hearing your story. Thank you.

    Lori, that's the reason I write, to make everyone aware of what's possible.

    Hi Keith, thank you, and thanks for visiting.

    Hi Lance. I think the majority of people wouldn't believe these events to be real. I've actually recorded some of the healings with Gary, but to protect his privacy I haven't posted them yet. I'm working on that. Gary has the potential to be the best healer this world has seen and I'm hoping he will travel with me in the future.

  7. Dear Simon - Yes the body has intelligence and can facilitate profound healing. Muscles, sinews, bones, cells. They are all part of the cosmic universe which makeup the internal world. Such a powerhouse for health and healing! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. Simon,
    I'm thinking the day is coming closer when healers like you and doctors and surgeons work side by side. I wonder what will be possible? I wonder if we'll break barriers?

    If it takes too long I think you'll be on to something else...Great healers can't wait forever.

  9. Hi Simon .. I'm testing to see if I go in via Internet Explorer, rather than Chrome, that I can comment & it looks like I can .. it's late - so I'll comment properly tomorrow ..

    Thanks - glad I can comment this way .. Enjoy Sunday you're just waking up to .. Hilary