Thursday, 5 August 2010

Healing or Remote Control Bodies

Today I had an amazing healing with a client I’d seen once before eighteen months prior. These clients are rare, and there’s only been three in three years. A common response to healing is movement on the table: muscle flexing in unusual sequences, visible vibrations, head movements, limbs lifting and extending, limbs floating, spasmodic tensing that makes the body or limbs jump, and a variety of other subtle movements. These responses coincide with the body work and manipulations I see spirit doing on the energetic body.

Three clients, in varying levels of altered states, have physically moved and or have been manipulated by spirit. They perform complex, almost yoga like movements on a massage table, and they don’t fall off the table. Bear in mind that some of the spirit healers doing the work have lived thousands of years ago, so what I’m seeing is ancient physiotherapy/bodywork.

Today’s client was aware she was being manipulated by spirit, but couldn’t open her eyes or stop her body from moving. The movements started with twitching and muscle spasms, and then her right hand was lifted by the wrist. The hand appeared to float without any muscle tension or evidence the client was holding the arm up. She said afterwards that she felt someone holding her wrist and then they moved her arm.

The arm rotated numerous times and was stretched in different positions. Her head rolled from side to side, and then, stretching the neck, rotated slowly. At the same time she rolled onto her side and twisted her shoulders away from her hips. The synchronised movements were flowing and worthy of a gymnast, and they continued for twenty minutes. The energy and feeling in the room was breath taking, and the healing mark on my hand was glowing white.

I believe I’ve separated the clients mind and conscious direction from the body. The body isn’t being manipulated to move, the body is moving to heal itself. The potential of that accomplishment is staggering. Whether clients move this way or not the healing still manifests in the body, but this way is exciting to witness and ponder about.

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