Monday 2 August 2010

Sliding: Distant Healing & The Safest Way to Travel

Hi everyone. I’ve been doing a lot of distant healing lately, so I thought I’d describe what that experience is like for me, and my thoughts on how it’s possible. I apologise for the number of times I clear my throat in these recordings. I get tight in the chest when I’m working with spirit, and it’s also a sign I’m not talking about what they want me to talk about. My home is always filled with spirit and they all have something to say.

The first video is twelve minutes long, the second is six minutes long; I’m more relaxed, and spirit has given me some room. I’ve noticed I say, “you know,” all the time, you know.

Distant Healing 1 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Distant Healing 2 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

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  1. Were these taped at different times or is the second an edited down version of the first tape? They are so similar that it felt edited down. The second one is more succinct, but I got a better feel for you in the first. Also, in the second, there was a short time where the lighting seemed to fade in and out. Are you working on a tape you can put on YouTube?

  2. Helen, that's very perceptive. They were taped at different times, and yes they are similar. I added the second because I was more relaxed and there was some different information. The second was actually done first, and I only edited out the start because I couldn't stop clearing my chest. I only trimmed the start and finish. I don't know why the lighting changed. There is a window there, but it's under a carport and is not affected by outside light. Yes, I have to upload some video to utube. It's on the to do list.

  3. Dear Simone, I LOVE this, and it was SO good to actually "see" you and feel your energy. It evoked such a wonderfully response from me that my comment ended up being two pages long. AND it tied right in with a post I am working on for down the road. Interestingly, for me, it was not so much your words that "heard" as your energy. And THAT is what I connected with. It tapped right into something I am writing experiencing in my own life. I will let you know when I post about it. But for now, I want to thank you for sharing your experiential journey with us, AND for doing so from a heart place and not so much a "conceptual" place. For the heart radiates healing.

    I am honored to connect and share with you. You are a brave soul with much to offer. Hugs, Robin :)

  4. So delightful watching these Simon... You come across exactly as you do in person - beautiful and brave and fascinating... and honest and funny and calm and strong and cute :-)
    thanks for sharing such interesting stuff.

  5. Hi Robin, I look forward to reading what you write. It's cool connecting with you to.

    Juanita, like an excited puupy my tails wagging. Thanks for the compliments.