Tuesday 17 August 2010

My New Mentors Write YA

I used to have a list of famous people that I’d like to meet running through my mind in an evolving commentary: I’d shuffle Nelson Mandela in front of the Dalai Lama, and, depending on my mood, Madonna and Bono would trade places with Ricky Ponting and George Gregan. But now I have a new list filled with real people, and the quote I’m sharing has come from one of my new mentors, Brenna Yovanoff.

“It’s tempting to wait, to hold of on writing the thing you love until you feel like you’re good enough to do it justice, but I don’t think you can. You only grow into your voice and style by writing the things you really care about, because caring about something forces you to put yourself into it. It forces you to push forward, to write the uncomfortable things, and that’s also usually the good stuff.”

Try substituting writing with living, voice and style with life, and write with live.

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  1. Wow, what an excellent quote! You just gave me that burst of courage I was looking for.

  2. This is sooooooooo true Simon. I just love it. It is exactly how I write. For me, it is the ONLY way. In fact, I would say that it is how I live. It applies to so much of how I move through the world.

    I am even learning not to "fuss" over whether "this is the right thing to post this week; maybe I should have written something different", etc. Because, I have learned that I might be being asked (called) to write for someone else, not myself.

    I am sooooo aware of all the people I connect with online. They are as connected to me as the people in me "off line" life. It's all the same for me. I dream about them, feel them thinking about me, feel their pain, joy, etc. So the best thing I can do it get out of my own way and...write. Just follow the impulses, the intuitions, the feelings, yearning, hungers and DO IT!!

    When I do this Life unfolds in the most amazing way. It is a wondrous journey!1 I fall in love with Life over and over, always new and exciting.

    Thank you my dear friend.
    You are a joy!!

  3. Hi Julie. Go girlfriend! Am I too old and blokey to say that?

    Hey Robin. I love the passion of writing without over thinking. Talk soon.

  4. Hi Simon .. things are changing here for me at such a rapid rate that it'll be good to slow down and appreciate the words you and others are writing - directing and helping people like me to join with you along your path - Robin is one of those others ..

    it'll be good to be on the same wavelength somtime! - I'll get there .. all the best and have a good weekend .. Hilary