Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cancer, Energy Healing & Possible Reasons For a Healthy Response

In early October I saw a client in Ararat, Victoria, who had cancer in her stomach and liver. She had a 7 cm and 5 cm tumour, and after the first session booked another two days later. Unknown to me she had, from the chemotherapy, been having nose bleeds and the inside of her nose was inflamed and full of sores. The sores disappeared after the first session and, according to her, every time she felt nauseous she thought about me and the feeling subsided. Initially, she contacted my host and said, (I'm paraphrasing) “ don't think that I'm crazy, but the sores have gone,” and that made her book another session. As part of her treatment, the tumours were rescanned 5 days after. They were now 3 cm and 1 cm, and the specialist had never seen anything like it.

I've been told all this second hand and don't yet have a testimonial, but the information is accurate. I believe the tumour will completely disappear, but unfortunately the chemotherapy will continue to make the client ill. I've mentioned before that I don't have any medical training or qualification, but I've been told, and if you do know, please share, that because the tumour has shrunk, the chemo will attack a higher percentage of healthy cells.

In my last post I talked about an unsuccessful cancer healing and the possible reasons why. In this healing I believe these factors contributed to the positive outcome:

Disclosure: the client fully disclosed her illness. It surprises me how many clients come for a specific reason, but won't tell me. Testing me to see if I'll find the problem limits the healing response. Often I'll find the illness regardless, but game playing agitates me and disrupts the flow of information – cellular and anatomical images, conversations with spirit and client's energy fields – I see. I know something is off, but I can't determine what it is.

Honesty: tell me how you feel, and being sceptical is fine, but being honest about it is better. Faith without expectation benefits healing, but you don't need to have faith in me. Be honest about that. I have faith, and its my job to make believers out of sceptics.

Awareness: when client's notice an improved health change, and again, I'm surprised by how many don't, the positive energy accelerates healing.

Gratitude: be grateful :).

It's not a big list, and I encourage you to read the previous post. I don't believe we should over complicate healing, and though there are many subtle influencing factors that may or may not affect the outcome, it's difficult to collect a body of evidence to prove or disprove theories.

Talk soon :).

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