Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I'm Not Spiritual, I'm Simon

Someone commented on a friend's wall on FB questioning why healers and mediums charge for their services. His argument was that spiritual teachers should teach through example and have faith that the universe will provide. He mentioned Buddha, monks, and shared a philosophical story about an old lady and a bag of precious stones.

The post was promoting one of my links, but I didn't join the fray. My friend and a couple of others spat chilli sauce in his eyes – she doesn't cook, so I was surprised she had some with her – and carved oi, oi, oi into his chest with a nail file, and he confessed that he had spent the last three years being fed and housed by strangers. He repaid those people by doing household chores and impersonating Oliver Twist, “Please Sir, I want some more.” In Australia, we call that free-loading, and if the chores aren't being done it's called raising teenagers.

My friend unfriended son of the highest, and in the spirit of, I beg therefore I am, he bombarded her inbox with accusatory messages. Sadly, this behaviour in varying degrees is common in the spiritual community. Come on, be honest. We've all talked about or judged another's behaviour. No one's innocent.

I appreciate that he thought I was a teacher, but he was mistaken to believe that I'm spiritual. I'm not, I'm Simon. By definition I work in a spiritual field, but I'll never confirm to the ideals of spirituality. I'm human. My views about spirituality and religion are the same: I won't suffer the guilt of not adhering to an impossible manmade and self-imposed dogma.

The business of spirituality is as cut throat as any other business. I've mingled with, and entertained hundreds of spiritual people, and it's rare to find genuine humility, compassion, honesty, and generosity. That rare breed will smile when they read this, the rest will chatter about the ego mind, not realising that that darkest of human traits – I feel sorry for Eddy Ego – is what's making their lips move.

I don't pretend to be anything I'm not, I'm perceived to be something I'm not. I'm the guy that people love or hate, there seems to be no middle ground, and I'm fine with that. I unsettle a lot of healers and spiritual people because I break all the 'rules'. I'm fine with that also.

There isn't a day or a healing that I'm not grateful for. I feel blessed that spirit has chosen me for this, and they did choose me. Sometimes I wonder if they chose the right person. I know that I'm an exceptional healer and teacher and every day I learn something new about myself, spirit, life, and healing.

I also live in a country where economy governs. No one called it an energy exchange when they payed me for unblocking their toilet. I'm still that guy. This guilt that everyone feels about charging for spiritual work needs to be quashed. Call it what it is: a business.

This isn't spiritual work, this is my career. Energy healing isn't a divine gift, it's not a gift at all, it's an example of potentiality, and that resides in all of us. This may be a tough observation to hear for someone who has studied a modality of energy healing, but the best healers I've found are those who've had no prior knowledge or interest in metaphysics or spirituality. You don't need a diploma to heal and communicate to spirit.

In this field accreditation doesn't guarantee professionalism or expertise. I'm sorry, it doesn't, and how do you accredit being spiritual? I regularly see savvy business people offering accreditation through universities and colleges they've created themselves. I could join a dozen organisations for a fee, and they all are worthless. It's a business people.

I'm in the business of story telling because that's all I'm certain of. This industry is filled with uncertainty, mystery and never ending questions: how, why, what? It's terrifying and liberating to not know. My life is filled with joy and wonder, and I'm not spiritual. I'm Simon.

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  1. Beautifully said Simon!

    Authentic communication at its best, and loved the descriptions.

    If anything our world needs to more properly value healing, and our organisations should be redirecting 50% of their training budgets to healing their peoples life issues which would make a world of difference to their effectiveness at work. Then our health systems should be approving more proactive healing of the cause of disease at root cause level (blocked emotions and energy) rather than paying billions to big pharma to mess with symptoms and create side-effects.

    1. Thank you, & yes I agree. I know that what I do is difficult for health organisations to value or compare to the training a medical professional undergoes, but energy healing works. The institute of I must attend university for for half my life is undermined & threatened by, I can do this. We need good doctors, surgeons, & researchers, but let's make energy healing a recognised first response & follow up treatment.

  2. AWESOME POST! From the "love that guy" side of the fence. :)

  3. Thank you for saying it like it is. And for showing us all how to handle situations like that ....

  4. Very cool post 'I'm Simon'. I love you and your ability to be you and only you.

    Of course, you will agree that there is nothing wrong with doing it for free simply because that feels so damn good, right alongside doing it for income. 'Tis neither right or wrong if you are doing it for your own 'right' reasons and not because that's what 'spiritual' people do :)

    love from 'I'm Anne'

    1. I love 'I'm Anne'. Yes I also do healings for free because I choose to. See you soon for a hug. :)

  5. Great blog! Love you Simon, whomever u may be, labels have a habit of dropping off, so are quite meaningless! We are not our thoughts, jobs or body... we are soul, we are love, we are the same with just the illusion of separation to make things interesting lol :D

    1. Thank you, Jen. We may be our thoughts as our thoughts create & influence our reality.

    2. A possibility to ponder... Maybe it's our consciousness and sub consciousness energy that creates and influences our reality. (which is why it sometimes doesn't work out like we're thinking). Thoughts can be observed by non-judgemental pure awareness where we can see a lot of thoughts come from our experiences not from us, like a form of programming. Like being told we're stupid or ugly when we are little, we hold on to that thought as being us/ours and yes it does indeed influence our reality... but is it true? Should we rely on it as reality and who we are? When we observe thought from non-judgemental state of pure awareness we realise we are not that thought. It's just a passing thought. A lot of pain and suffering comes from us believing we are our random thoughts. If we observe thoughts we find many are stuck in time (when we argued, when we were hurt, sad). But if we can observe our thoughts we become the now... and who is it that's observing them? Thoughts may be more of a manifestation of our experiences than our true selves. If we can see our thoughts for what they are, may we become stronger co-creators of our reality, perhaps? :D Love you!

    3. It sounds like you have read the works of Eckhart Tolle, Jen :) I believe there is a lot of truth to your words; there are times when we cannot possibly be our thoughts, because our thoughts can be so limiting sometimes. Our thoughts change so often, that if we believed purely in what our thoughts told us that we were, we would end up quite mad!

      There are thoughts... and then there are thoughts... but which are the helpful ones, and which are not?

      Travel in light and love.

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  7. Valerie Goodman8 July 2012 at 10:38

    Absolutely love what you have expressed. We are all a part of this unfolding mystery...seeking the answers, yet ending up with more questions. May more realize and recognize and grow who they are and yet to be...without an attachment to any adjectives. Peace~