Wednesday 8 February 2012

Distant/Remote Healing Testimonial

I did a distant healing today and this is what my client, Donna, emailed me afterwards. Donna, thank you for allowing me to share this. This is common, but some clients will feel nothing at all. Whether you have Donna's experience, record these healing responses, or feel nothing at all, I believe healing occurs.
I see/sense two bodies when I'm healing: a physical body and an 'energy' body. The energy body hovers over, is independent of the physical body. This body moves during a healing. Healers in spirit work on this body: massage, manipulation, surgery, light/energy work. In most cases this transfers to, and manifests as health in the physical body.
I'm yet to determine why clients have different experiences, and there seems to be no apparent pattern, but I've compiled a list of things to consider on my website. The best mind state to be in during a healing is relaxed detachment. Try to have no expectation. People who think they know what I'm doing often interfere with the healing and have no recordable healing responses.

Dear Simon,
Thank you so much for that wonderful experience. I felt the following, close to this order or thereabouts:
  • A tingling sensation my right palm.
  • Pressure and sensation on top on my pelvis and upper thighs,
  • Feather-like touches on parts of my body that are injured: my right achilles especially, and it felt like someone was doing a scan along the right side of my body.
  • Tingling on the tip of my tongue.
  • Pressure on my face
  • Pressure, like someone was pushing their finger onto the middle of my forehead.
  • The sound of a pop in my left upper nasal cavity and I was able to breathe though my nose so much more easily – this side has been difficult to breath out of for years (15?).
  • The taste of a chemical or something like that in my mouth.
  • The feel of my jaw and face expanding beyond normal size.
  • Pressure inside my head and a slight headache.
  • The feel of pokes and featherlike touches around my torso.
  • A sensation in my right foot, ankle and leg, then a little jump.
  • Pressure across my chest.
  • Warmth and pressure in my lower abdomen and an expanding feeling of my hips and lower abdomen spreading outwards.
  • Warmth under the whole of my back.
  • Pressure on top of my right hand near the fingers.
  • Pressure like someone holding onto my left wrist.

These feelings would come like a wave of sensation, then it would drop off and I would wonder if I imagined it, and then another wave of sensation would come. I stopped wondering. I felt like I was in a semi meditative state. I tried to detach but I found myself talking to myself almost non stop, I even sang to try and stop it. But thankfully I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I felt and heard the words, "It's over," and I felt really alert. I lay there for a while and the feelings and warmth still felt like they were there, but more reduced. When I looked at the time it was 11:42 AM. (Simon's note: the healing lasted 60 minutes – Donna recorded 102 minutes – but I'm connected with the client as long as it takes the healers in spirit to finish. The healing can continue for days or weeks. I've had one client feel energy shifts and physical responses for 60 days.)
Now I feel so peaceful. I feel like I had a break from my normal frantic mind chatter The difference is startling once you've felt what it's like when it stops. I am drinking water and hoping you're okay. Thanks so much for putting your body, heart and soul on the line for me and the world.
I am so grateful.
Love Donna ~ Donna F from NSW

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