Monday, 16 January 2012


M had two experiences with a spirit throwing a ball last week. The first was that a bouncy ball, the size of a soccer ball, was carried or kicked from the kids room down the hallway, a distance of 6m, and into our closed bedroom door. The other incident was that a tennis ball was thrown against the glass sliding door on the back patio. We live in a high-set, a two storey, home and the ball had been laying in the yard. M was home alone.

That is quite a feat for spirit to do. Not all spirits are capable of moving objects and the objects are usually small. It requires a lot of energy for spirits to move physical objects and the process is similar to telekinesis. They manipulate consciousness, the 'residue' energy of intention and action. I have children, they throw balls, so that energy is available for spirit to use. Potentiality. The energy of children is easier to connect with because their consciousness usually has less fear than an adults.

The spirit trying to get M's attention was a young boy. He wanted to go 'home – into the light. I don't often talk about this aspect of my work. Hollywood shows like Supernatural – man-crush on Dean – and Ghost whisperer have sensationalised the lost and damned. It's Hollywood people. There aren't thousands of spirits roaming our streets looking for hosts to terrify. Spirit brought the boy to me because spirit knows I can move him into the light. The balls were thrown to get my attention because I wasn't listening to my guide, Gegu. Essentially we're the light, whatever that may be. My intention to help a spirit makes the light visible – I'm not certain how spirits sense the light – and the spirit goes 'home'.

Most people react to spirits fearfully so they believe they are or their homes are haunted. The fear can create a haunting. This is not the same as a haunted location. In that situation an event or period of time can replay over and over. It's not always a spirit, but a 'slice' of consciousness. Yes, there are ghosts that choose to hang around or return to a location and this saddens me. If we heal a location or an event the vibration isn't present for the spirit to 'exist'.

By healing spirit, we're healing our souls and humanity. We're cleaning the field of consciousness.

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