Wednesday 19 January 2011

The Earth is Our Life Force

Increasingly, I’m being encouraged by spirit to simplify the process of healing. My role is important, but not mandatory. Everything we need to live a long and healthy life is here on earth. The eco-systems we’re systematically destroying worldwide are natural pharmacies. Our nutrition and health needs were catered for long before man walked this earth. It’s an example of intuitive pre-emptive healthcare, and something humans have taken for granted and forgotten. The earth is our life-force, our life-source.

When I heal Gary it’s common for him to sing in another language. He becomes his guide and blesses the earth, the elements, the wise ones, myself, and whoever else is present. He’s unaware of what he’s doing, and is surprised and a little overwhelmed when he watches the video recording.

I didn’t record his healing today, I’m not sure why not, and afterwards I was disappointed that I hadn’t. The previous healing Gary had moved so much that he almost fell off the healing table. This time he lay on the floor, and spirit and his body were grateful. His movements were amazing, and C, who was helping, and I could hardly believe what we were seeing.

Our bodies, minds, and souls have the intelligence and the means to heal—we’re a creating force. Mine and C’s role is the smallest part, important, but tiny. The room was filled with spirit and light, and C’s hands were sparking and mine were burning. Gary and his guides did more for us than we did for him.

Gary began to alternate between English and the indigenous language he was using, and this is a small part of what he said:

"Nurture the earth. The earth is your life force. Nature is in harmony. Do not destroy nature, do not alter nature, all that you need is in nature. Live simply. Greed will destabilise nature. Nature, the earth, is the creator’s gift. Pure thoughts, simple minds, and pure hearts."

There was more, Gary’s voice was gentle and kind, and, in between the short sentences, he sang in the other language. I believe his guide is an Aztec, and he and his lifetime have been receiving healing for many months. I’ve watched him/Gary die many times on the healing table. Greed caused the end of his people.

Gary also has a biblical guide, Michael, who also speaks to us. Gary sighs, his posture and voice changes when Michael replaces the wise elder. Michael blesses us and tells us we’ve been chosen. He directs me to find other healers and talks about souls. This time he mentioned how we have, “segregated humanity.” I wish I could remember it all.

These moments appear to be divine, and some might wonder why I’m not more conscientious about recording them. Yes, they are powerful, but they happen randomly as part of my day. This isn’t unique or divine; this is something we’ve forgotten. The more relaxed I am about this the more powerful these moments become, but here’s the paradox—there’s nothing that I have to do other than be Simon.

I don’t know how we’re going to get corporations and governments to unite and heal the world, but we must try.

Live simply. Be yourself, because you’re great.

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  1. Simon, this is amazing. You witness something that most of us didn't know existed. What a beautiful gift.

  2. Hi Simon,
    It's a bit different, but I typically don't take photos..when I do it is for others, not for me. A photo doesn't capture the joy, awe, wonder of the moment, all that is within my ehart and stays with me far after the moment passes..much like a video won't capture the Divine energy you feel as you heal.
    Thank you for the work you do and the love you share. I think some people *do* realize healing is as simple as opening your heart, yet fear stops them. Mainstream society is so "comfortable" with broken that healthy, whole, vibrant often stands out..perhaps we may adjust our comfort zone...
    Love to you..and to Gary..amazing energy!

  3. YES!! You know I relate to Earth as life force and healer, healing source, our greater self. This is wondrous, magical, astounding and so much more.

    "This isn’t unique or divine; this is something we’ve forgotten." ABSOLUTELY. I cannot agree with this enough. It's like when we say we have an altered state; I know what people mean but it is actually our NATURAL state of being. It is all as natural and normal as walking. Many have just fortten this. However, nothing is lost in us. It's still all there inside us and outside us, all around us and all within us. It is just remembering this that activates it.

    Beautiful as always dear Simon. Will find a time for us to connect on Skype. Much love to you!! Always, Robin.

  4. Wow. To witness that must have been amazing!

  5. Simon, This is absolutely incredible. I can only imagine what you absorb in the moment, but to go back and watch it unfold is priceless. These are my favorite posts :)

    Love to you!

  6. Julie and Helen, yes it is amazing, and I never take it for granted. I feel blessed.

    Joy, thank you. If I share everything I experience, it might be enough to change how society views health and healing.

    Hi Robin! Yes, let's connect soon.

    I love you too, Lisa.

  7. Hi Simon .. it is very interesting .. Gary's experience is extraordinary.

    There's so much we don't understand .. though some can and do - without realising as such.

    Cheers Hilary

  8. Simon,
    I so agree with you that the earth is our life force. As we are destroying the earth we are destroying ourselves. If more people would see the earth as a living ecosystem instead of a round rock to be plundered, we'd be living in harmony on this planet and not worried about the demise of our species.

  9. Hi Simon - the message Gary shared, and you here with us about the Earth and nature says it all to me.

    There lies our answer to health, happiness and so much more!

    It would have been great to see this all on video, but at the same time, as Joy mentioned, things don't always get captured as they really are. The point is you experienced it, and now you are sharing this gift with us! Many thanks.