Sunday 16 January 2011

Yes We Survived the Qld Floods!

I’m grateful that so many of you have asked if the floods have affected us. We’re fine. The bottom of our street flooded for about four hours, and we had 75- 100mm of water flowing down the side of our house and out to the street.

This link will take you to a facebook page with photos of localised flooding. All the photos are within a three minute drive from home. Compared to parts of Brisbane and the Lockyear valley we were lucky.

 Our yard
 The end of our street. The water had already receded. It went up the street another two houses. I live near the top of the street; another six houses.
 My street is two houses to the left. Two houses in front of Maree and to the right there is another street. The water there was 2m deep.
 In a straight line this is 200m from my house. They had an SES crew and boats here evacuating the residents. Houses went completely under at the end of this street. The bottom of this street always floods.
 This is looking right from the previous photo. I spoke to a man here and he told me that he had lived here for 28 years and had never seen water flowing down Springfield Drive. The water was deceptively fast in places and almost knocked us over.
 The bottom of Springfield Drive.
 Normally you can't see the creek here; it's down a 4m embankment against the tree line.
We're standing in a private school. This is the schools car park.
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  1. Wow, glad your house wasn't underwater! I saw one video that showed cars floating away. Very scary.

  2. Hi Diane, yes, very scary! I feel for those families who have lost everything.

  3. I'm glad you weathered the floods okay, Simon. This has been a year of very spectacular and often destructive weather events. Over the years, however, I've lived in places where we had blizzards or ice storms or hurricanes or tornadoes. I guess there's always something.

  4. Crumbs Simon .. glad all is well .. been thinking about you and your friends .. but now these floods in Victoria .. it's amazing how fast and strong the water can be .. frightening .. never been very good with the sea and fast flowing rivers .. Now you know why SpringField Creek is called that? I've some friends who live in Lakes Lane .. til it flooded - then Mickey said well now we know!

    Dreadful weather conditions though everywhere seemingly - but very glad to see you're safe and thanks for posting the pictures .. my thoughts to all .. Hilary

  5. Glad that you and your family are okay. It's scary how quick rain can devastate an area. Thank you for posting the pictures. Prayers to the people who lost everything.