Wednesday 8 December 2010

I love My Clients—Soul Healing

This arrived in my inbox this week. I love you too, Lisa, thank you.

Thank you for the gift you have given me.
While doing research for my Young Adult novel I came across Simon’s blog. I was immediately drawn to his warm presence and genuine soul. I had questions about angels, more importantly my angel. In every car I have owned, a silhouette of angel wings appears on the back window when wet. I also wanted to know what he experienced when he was healing. Simon kindly answered all of my questions, my endless amount of why’s, then scheduled a distance healing. This journey began as research. Little did I know the experience would be a life altering one.

While resting, I felt Simon’s warm presence wash over me. I cannot begin to tell you how comforting this was. Years of bottled up emotion and spirits filled me. My hands and feet burned like I could start a fire with my touch. I felt tugging on my hands like I was supposed to go somewhere and I wasn’t. Perhaps taking the wrong path.

After the healing I could feel the distrust, fear, and low self esteem that plagued me relinquish its nasty grip. It was replaced by a new found love for myself, excitement for each new day, and so much creative energy that I could hardly contain it. Now, I know where I am supposed to go.

My angel that rode on my back window for all of those years, now rides beside me, holding my hand. Thank you for flipping on that inner light when I needed it most. It now burns brightly because of you and your gift of healing.

Happy writing, love, and healing,

Lisa, Michigan, USA

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  1. ahhh...light! This Day. Every Day.

  2. A soul at peace :)

  3. What a lovely e-mail to receive, Simon. You are blessed.

  4. I love lisa's story, how beautiful

  5. Nice Simon. See you on the play ground this weekend.

  6. Simon, thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience.
    And I hope that Lisa allows love to continue to guide her:)

  7. What a lovely story shared here..
    You(simon) must really be blessed by these words from Lisa, right?
    It's really a different feeling when someone appreciated your works and efforts. :)

  8. Simon, what a wonderful letter. That must feel so satisfying.

    I was able to find your say yes page. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong when I tweeted you. Great stuff!

  9. Thank you to everyone for commenting. I'm grateful that you have visited. Love and peace, Simon :)