Wednesday 21 April 2010

Problem underwear? Yes, we can fix that.

I’m busy revising my manuscript, book keeping for my tax agent and finalising some icky stuff. I’m also heading to the Gold Coast, Qld, for two days of healing, so I have to be brief.

My six year old son, who is already a great footy (rugby league) player, and I were watching television when the libra wonder man ad came on.

“I know what those are for dad. They stop girls getting wedgies.”

“Yes they do.”

Kids are great!

I’ll be back Monday. Have a great ANZAC weekend. Drive safe, play safe and tell your kids you love them. Peace, Simon.

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  1. Okay, y'all have funny commercials in Australia - and you have footies (is that plural for multiple footy).

    Straight From Hel

  2. Yes, we have multiple codes of footy: rugby league (NRL), rugby union, aussie rules (AFL), and soccer. It's a footy fest!