Monday, 12 July 2010

I’d like to fill a Hospital with Love

I’d like the opportunity to work in a hospital. I’d take a couple of healers with me, and over a week touch as many people as possible. I’d start with the nurses because they’d transfer the healing to the patients. They’re compassionate and they have the most contact with patients.

I believe recovery from injury and illness would be accelerated if I was given this chance. I’d like to see genuine healers working in hospitals, and I’d like to teach healing to nurses. If they can believe that every time they touch a patient they can heal them, it will happen.

A client came to see me for emotional problems, but she’d also had an accident and her leg had been in plaster. She was wearing a brace and she had scarring where steel rods had been implanted. I wasn’t aware that I was healing her leg because I was engrossed in her emotional energy, but I assumed that I had been.

Four weeks later she booked another appointment and told me that her surgeon had told her to come back and see me. She was on a waiting list to have her medial ligament repositioned (as I have no medical training this is possibly an incorrect description). Apparently, whatever I’d accomplished with the medial ligament was impossible without surgery.

I praise the surgeon for encouraging the girl to see me again. According to the client the surgeon was so amazed by the result that he wanted to see if I could fix something else. I’m not sure if I was successful as the client hasn’t returned.

In Australia people can be on a waiting list for surgery for months and sometimes years. With healing some of those surgeries wouldn’t have to happen. The benefits for everyone are obvious.

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